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"Five minutes into her reading Beth was describing the son I had lost; his physical appearance, his personality, his memories. She knew nothing about my family or the circumstances that brought me to her. And yet, here he was, big as life. Through Beth, I learned that he continues to live, and in a very real way is always close to me. It is the most wonderful gift I've ever gotten. Beth and my son taught me how to live again."

"Dear Beth, Thank you so much for last night's online circle.  The answer to my question from the spirit world was one that I was afraid of hearing but needed to hear at the same time. Thank you so much so nice to be home and experience the love and spirit connection."

"Inner light healing was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was told before class by a friend that it would transform me....boy was that the truth… I wanted to find peace, positivity, and forgiveness. Through this class I found the ability to achieve all of those."

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Beth is available for classes, lectures, workshops and platforms on the following:

  • Channeling

  • Conveying the wisdom of the spirit world

  • Meditation, intuition and healing

  • Understanding spiritual and traditional views on mental health in society today

For more information on products, teaching or speaking platforms please visit www.innerlightteaching.com or email info@innerlightteaching.com.

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In the light of your heart is the power of your spirit...

Beth Lynch

Medium, Founder of Inner Light Teaching

My intention of this site is to give others a place to go to connect with their Spirit every day. I hope to share with you guidance, insight and a sense of peace. It will be filled with teachings that have helped me find peace, healing and abundance in my present, healing into my past and the strength to create my future. I hope you take this with you throughout your day or into your dreams.

Beth LynchAs a longtime student and teacher of alternative methods of healing and self-empowerment it is my mission to help others understand intuition and healing and create a life of inner peace and abundance.

My studies at Delphi University in Georgia and personal studies with Elizabeth Schuman, Astrologer,  were my inspiration. As a student and a teacher of yoga and meditation for over 20 years, I have found a lifelong commitment is what it takes and going within is where your answers await. I believe that our life experiences are the greatest teacher. 

I thank all of you who have trusted in the messages and experiences we have had.  I am committed to helping others deal with grief and convey the wisdom of the spirit world.  It is an emotional and empowering experience when connecting to loved ones in Spirit. I hope to share with you the love and healing that continues between the physical and Spiritual worlds. 

Please take time to visit Meditation Corner where you will learn how to use meditation to bring positive and peaceful direction into your daily lives. All you have to do is follow along for a few moments every day and believe in the process. 

I look forward to future teachings, classes and channeling and sharing all I continue to learn along the way. Enjoy the site. I look forward to sharing energy, light and love with you.

- Peace and love, Beth Lynch

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