Donald's Journey to the Tree

Donald's Journey by Beth LynchDonald’s journey is meant to touch the hearts, minds and Spirits of children. As a mother and a person who lives life “consciously” through my Spiritual vision, the story of Donald came from my heart and soul. 

It is never too early to introduce your child to meditation. The earlier they start, the better, because it shows them how to take this “positive time out” for themselves. Their emotions and thoughts are as intense and real as adults. Our thoughts and emotions are also bouncing off of them all the time!

This is a guide for children to understand, accept and embrace their feelings early in life and how to heal and forgive themselves and others. Just imagine if our kids learn this early on and bring it into their adult lives. The challenges they face will be clear and they will be free to learn and love unconditionally.

This is not only good for children but for parents, expecting parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, etc. My son's daycare teacher played the CD for "Donald" at naptime. The book can be enjoyed with or without the musical journey on the CD.

* Builds confidence
* Creates positive thoughts
* Promotes emotional balance

A grandmother raising her grandchild started playing Donalds Journey for her 4 year old grandson. After only 2 weeks he was enjoying the meditation benefits! 

A grandmother raising her grandchild started playing Donald's Journey for her
4-year-old grandson.

After only 2 weeks,
he was enjoying the
meditation benefits!

Donal's Journey to the Tree


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