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Meditation Corner

Welcome to the Meditation Corner. Simply read along and allow the experience of meditation to unfold for you.

There will be meditations for all ages so parents and guardians encourage the kids to do the Silent Center For Kidz Meditation or do it with them. It is a fun and simple technique for them to use everyday.

The ones I am sharing with you are very personal to me as well as part of my meditation programs. These programs are held in groups as well as private sessions. Contact me for any questions or to set up a session.

Daily Inner Light | Intuition & Self Love | Silent Circle for Kidz
Health Benefits of Meditation

What is meditation?

A simple,  natural process of intention and breath awareness. You already are in intention, now lets breathe and allow. It is the time you take to unite mind, heart, body and Spirit. The secret to meditation is consistency and to trust that you are having an energetic and Spiritual experience whether your “mind” wanders or not. It is the most powerful tool we have, as humans, to stay connected to God, Oneness , our Spirit.

To prepare for meditation create a comfortable environment. Music, candles and incense are always nice but not necessary.

If you are tired, please sit up with your back/spine straight to help you not fall asleep.

First, you will create in your mind a Sacred Shelf or Sacred Box where you will place all distractions.

If your distraction is a person in your life, then you will simply say or think, “I place you in the box/shelf at this time to be blessed and in Divine Order”.

You may have to do this many times or maybe not at all.

What is important is you are letting go of the less than positive emotions and or distractions that would have connected to you and caused even longer and more intense distraction.

Daily Inner Light Meditation


Create sacred space (music, candles, incense, oils(optional), nature
Sit or lay down with spine straight ate intention, “The Divine Light is my source of thought, emotion and action”
Begin breathing in a slow & comfortable rhythm. Inhale/ count silently to 4/ exhale to 6.4-8 times. Then increase inhale to 6 and exhale to 8, 4-8 times.
Allow natural and comfortable breath. By now your body will be relaxed and focus in moment.
Imagine golden flame in the energy of heart (you may see, feel or just have faith)
Hold awareness in the light, breathe….
Allow light to fill heart and create ray of light that goes up behind eyes. Just let it fill with light. Breathe…..
Let light flow as you breathe from heart down to torso, legs soles of feet
Back to heart, breathe light around shoulders, arms and into palms, fingers and tips of fingers
Imagine a golden heart light in each palm. Breathe.. be.. believe..
Back to heart gently through throat, and hold it behind eyes.
Allow it to flow back into a sacred Well, endlessly flowing back as eyes, lids, brow, forehead relax
Do not hurry from here stimulating the Third Eye/Divine Eye.
Bring light through Crown Chakra and up. Imagine it passing through clouds, stars, moon, sun.
Imagine light passing through veils of time and space (symbolic of passing through dimensions)
From here let it flow down around and through you. Breathe..
State silently or aloud, “Every cell accepts the Divine Light, Order and Love with every breath I take”. REPEAT THIS FEW TIMES… BREATHE..

Begin or end your day with this meditation!

Om at this place if you wish or just be. Whether you hold for few minutes or half hour it will be raising vibration, strengthening immune and nervous system. Also helps your intuition and focus. It is the most powerful act of SELF LOVE.

You have now energized and heart chakra, all events of day will flow in this source and direction. Remember to periodically go to heart and repeat Divine Light (inhale Divine, exhale Light). Whether to send love, energize, express gratitude, or share (visualize light around someone or Mother Earth).

Meditation for Intuition and Self Love


These Sacred tools can be used throughout the day, week, and life. Begin with breath awareness. You will inhale slowly and comfortably and count silently to 4 as you take breath in.

Exhale to 6 slowly, comfortably. Imagine filling the lower belly with air like a balloon. Let the air naturally release and then gently contract belly to push out air from lungs. Remember to be as natural as possible. The rhythm will begin to take over after a few moments. TRUST

Do this for 8 breaths then increase inhale to 6 and exhale to 8. Allow for 4 breaths then allow breath to flow into a natural rhythm. It will be automatic…

Tell yourself (silently or aloud) to relax around the eyes, drift down to shoulder… arms… hands… palms and fingers….
Bring awareness back to heart allow the intention (to relax)
Let this knowing of peace flow gently down through the torso, feet, toes, breath… three breaths….
Now bring awareness to heart light by imagining, see feel or know a gold flame is in the heart…
Breathe light gently with intention and imagination up to the center of forehead. This is the third eye or the divine eye. Hold the light for 4 breaths.
You will go back to heart and lift light once again to divine eye and hold…
This time allow for 8 breaths…
Now allow light to flow back as though it is lighting a tunnel with light.
This encourages behind eyes to relax…
“See”, feel or just know you are standing facing toward a path behind the eyes
Give yourself permission to walk the path
Repeat “at this time I embrace my divine path”
Just allow yourself to be for a few moments,
Breathe and just embrace the experience….
When you feel it is time to return bring awareness into breath
This may come as a subtle knowing or maybe a bit of a waking up feeling
When it does just begin breath awareness
Breathe with awareness into sound of breath and flow of body.
Open eyes slowly and allow senses to adjust…
Take a moment to just be aware of how you feel.

If you want to keep track of your meditations simply write down your thoughts and how you feel immediately after.

It is a simple way to keep track and be open to the wisdom and guidance that is being offered. Please know I am here if you wish to share or have any questions.

Silent Circle for Kidz


Imagine a place you can go to do anything you want! There is such a place and it is deep inside your heart. It is a quiet place even when there is noise and distracting things around you; even when there is nothing to do.

You get to this “place” by choosing to go there in your mind. We will call this place your Silent Circle.

We will begin by creating a circle in your mind. You will do this by closing your eyes and imagine your forehead is a movie screen. Using your imagination create a big circle. Pretend to draw it with a crayon or marker if it helps. Now inside the big circle draw a smaller circle.

Remember if you can create the image, you can and will make it real.

Imagine a place you can go and do anything you want!
Below you will learn how to go to that place.
This place will be called your Silent Circle.

WHY? Sometimes we need a… place to be alone with our thoughts and feelings. Quiet time, cry time, even angry feelings, time to dream about what we want to be when we grow up, dance, sing, and draw. All of these are important to do for our self.

When is it time to go to my Silent Circle?

You should go at least once a day. When you wake up in the morning is great, but sometimes there is no time. If you do it every day it will be easier and automatic, like brushing your teeth.

Bedtime is a very good time!

You can do it in times of need… studying, worrying, anger, fears, frustration.

You can even do it when you’re happy or grateful.

Share time…

Don’t forget you can share with someone, how to get to their Circle if they need.

How do you get there?

This place can be as quick as choosing to go, taking a deep breath, and letting everything else just melt away.

Steps to Silent Circle

Use these steps if you want to be more awake for your meditation:
Draw a big circle on paper.
Write “me” or draw a picture of yourself in the smaller circle.
Outside the big circle write or draw something about the day you want to LET GO of.
Write or draw something you want to LET IN to your life right now. This can be a feeling such as happiness or something more physical, a new bike!
Take three slow breaths… inhale and count to 4, exhale and count to 6 for 4 breaths
Smile, say thank you and put your circle in a safe place.

You can go to it any time, place your hand on it and smile anytime.

Remember don’t wait for those things to come. Trust and believe in the energy you put out. It will come to you when it is “time.” And sometimes your time wants it faster than what is really for the best.

You are learning how not to think about what you do not have and be grateful for what is all good around you!

Use these steps if you want to relax and meditate…

Begin by taking deep breaths thru your nose… count to 4 as you breathe in & 6 as you breathe out… keep reading…
Recreate your big circle… remember your forehead is the screen… now your smaller circle…
See or just know you are walking into the smaller circle and sitting in a comfortable chair.
Come back to your breathing… Just take your time.
Think of a word that makes you feel happy. For example… love, trust, happy, or let your imagination take you to a beautiful beach, toes in the sand, or a beautiful mountain top where you can touch the clouds.
Just let yourself be there… Breathe and allow it to be.
When you feel happy, calm or just better put a smile on your face and say thank you out loud
Take a deep breath… ahhhhhhhh…

Do this every day at least twice.

Once before school and again at bedtime for sure.

Let’s Om!


Chanting is a great way to still the mind, relax emotions and just be. You are uniting mind, heart, body and Spirit with the sacred sound of OM.

Every cell in your being will recognize your intention for this Spiritual time out. You will relax or re-energize, depending on your needs at the time. You also open your intuitive channels and connect to God. So get comfortable and lets OM.

Create Sacred Place or environment to relax

When you chant this sacred sound, inhale slowly and comfortably.

Exhale the sound and take your time in each syllable

Let’s begin!

Breathe Mindfully (Inhale counting silently to 4 count / exhale  to 6 for 4 to six breaths.
Below is a simple way to create the sound and vibration of OM
Create the sound on exhale … ahhhhhoooooommmmmmm
Inhale deeply, on exhale create sound at least 6 times. If you can release from how many times and just connect to the peace that will flow through you.
Just be, breathe, allow for a few moments of silence after allowing the feeling of peace and love to be with you.

The Health Benefits of Meditation


While the practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years, only recently has there been actual scientific evidence proving that meditation can have a positive impact on your physical health. Now that the hard science has caught up, many more individuals are starting to incorporate meditation in their daily lives. Not only can daily meditation lead to deep mental and physical relaxation, it also promotes many other benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

On a physical level, the practice of deep breathing can lead to an increase in exercise tolerance, decreased muscle tension, higher energy levels and boosts the immune system. Mentally, daily meditation can build self-confidence, increase creativity, promotes overall composure and develops emotional maturity.

We all strive to achieve a more fulfilling life that is full of happiness, calm and success, but rarely do we take the time to focus on how we can bring these positive changes into our lives. Through meditation, we can gain more clarity on these things and attain enlightenment. Take a look at this infographic, provided byn† Skin Energizer, for a basic guide on how to get started with meditation, as well as find out more information about its benefits.