Spirit Speaks

Spirit Speaks

Welcome all. In Spirit Speaks I will be sharing with you experiences in sessions that I feel have helped those who come in search of connections to loved ones in Spirit, heal and understand their emotions.

Their messages come to us in many ways. They come in visions, dreams, feelings and songs. They come in times of joy and times of confusion, but one thing is for sure, they come.

What has amazed me is the simplicity of their messages and the power it sends; the power to heal, love and share deep emotions between those who are here and those who have crossed.

There will be many emotions flowing through you as you read the stories. Embrace your ability to heal with the experience of others who have allowed me to share their story.

I thank all of you who have trusted in me to connect you to them in these very sacred and sensitive moments. I have cried, laughed and healed with you and for that I am forever grateful.

The Stories

Jif Peanut Butter

This story shows the power of simplicity from the Spirit world.

A father sent a vision of his daughter and himself eating peanut butter (specifically Jif) out of the jar. He sent this in the last moment of her session. She began to laugh and cry. He then showed “I Love You” wrapped around the jar in the Jif letters. Well as a child she would eat her peanut butter out of the jar but it could only be Jif.

The week before he passed he actually bought another brand and gave it to her. She told him, how could you not remember Jif! One of their last conversations together became a special memory for them both.

Well it goes to show us how special every little conversation we have with those around us are!

The Golden Cross

I shared a very special session with Diana. She had a quite a few close family members in Spirit, her parents, her husband and her son. As you can imagine, it was quite emotional. The healing I saw taking place in her session is the reason I stay committed to channeling. A very special message from her son is what I will share with you, with her permission of course.

At one point he was discussing the grief, anger and pain she has carried since his passing. He said, “Mom, many people put themselves on their own cross.” He showed her on the cross. Yes, like Christ. He told me to tell her, “I am waiting at the bottom.” The vision he shared was that of a few steps at the foot of a cross and him kneeling on the ground looking up at her. He put out his hand as if to help her down and at that second showed me to put out my hands for her to reach, which I did. Together we cried as she held tight. I saw her holding his hands and walking away from the cross. She cried for a few moments as we held tightly on to one another.

I was waiting for the next vision. Well worth waiting for… He pointed back so I would tell her they were looking back at the cross. It was now a beautiful golden cross, shiny and the feeling was so powerful to share. What was even more powerful was her acceptance of his visions and message. He did say you no longer have to carry the intense pain of the experience (cross). It was clear her heart had released energy of pain and suffering. She left with great gratitude and more importantly a smile. Thank you Diana for allowing and trusting in experience we shared. The power of a mother and child has no words.

Suicide was one of the most healing experiences for those who love the ones taking their life. I have worked with people of all ages from 15 to 45 who have made this choice. I feel blessed to be able to show their loved ones here they are in the Light and how they wish so dearly to help them here. Please know we do help them also. I will be sharing more on this subject soon.

The Lighthouse

This is an inspiring story on how love is forever with the ones we love in Spirit.

When the session began Elaine was shown a beautiful vision from her husband in Spirit. First he was holding her in his arms, wiping her forehead and comforting her. He sent great love and gratitude for her helping him when he needed it, but now he was comforting and helping her heal from the sadness of missing him.

The next vision was breathtaking. The were holding hands looking out at a beautiful body of water at a lighthouse. She had her head on his shoulder at one point and they were happy and smiling. Then she looked to her right where he was standing and was no longer “physically” visible. She was still smiling as she gazed at their lighthouse. Just as though he was still there.

The message is about hope. He showed her he believes in her and hopes for her to be able to look out into the future with the love they shared still bringing her happiness and strength. As well as a future of happiness she so deserves. The lighthouse had even more significance. She had put a special lighthouse in their yard for them to cherish and enjoy!

Thank you, Elaine, for trusting in me to share the special bond two people can have. That neither time nor space will change the love we have for each other.

Son & Sword

The other day in a session, a young man came along at the last minute with his mother. He was in his twenties. As we began, his father from Spirit came through to him. The young man became emotional immediately.

At some point the father was showing me the word, RESPECT. I shared with him the insistence of this feeling. As he said it, he also handed the son a sword. I felt to share this with him. Your father sends you the utmost respect. He shares this sword with you to show you his deepest thoughts and honor he has never given you.

The young man shared with me that his father never gave him respect when he was alive. They had some tough times in the past. He also was showing all kinds of sport equipment. I was saying sport, sports… he said the one ting he hoped for was his nickname, which was “Sport”. He received so much more. He received RESPECT!


To Bobby, you have been so special to channel.

This is a story that remains in my heart. Bobby’s girlfriend called to thank me for the messages received from his parents to give to her. As we began to close our conversation I saw the young man blowing bubbles that were turning into hearts. Symbolically hearts are love. I said, “If you like, I will share a vision with you he is sending.” Yes was her answer! I felt he was sending love to her because of bubbles. She became so excited and said, “I know he loves me,” but the bubbles were even more special to her. “Bubbles” is her nickname from him.

The simplicity of what they send shows me over and over such power. It speaks a thousand words and allows for beautiful emotions to be shared between us and those who have crossed. It is a reminder for all of us in life. Be aware and cherish the simple things in life.

Angel in Boots

This is a very special story about a young girl and the session with her parents. Her mother had come to a private session but this evening, at a Circle of Life, her dad came. It started out with me taking a vase with a yellow rose and putting it next to the candelabra in the room. I knew someone in Spirit was requesting this and verbalized that to the group. Her father just happened to be sitting next to the candles.

She was the first to send her thoughts and energy that evening by showing me her putting on black boots. She was light and silly in the way she came in and wanted it made clear to her dad that was how she felt. She mentioned, it was okay daddy, it is okay. She also showed me a dish cloth being twisted and said this was her dad’s arm. Her mom literally had to twist her dad’s arm to come that evening. That is a clear example of the symbolic language used between them and us.

At the end, she showed me her parents holding hands, so I asked if they would do this. As they held hands she spoke these words. ” I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family…” For any one who doesn’t know, this is the theme for “Barney the Dinosaur,” a children’s show. Her mom was now in tears and I was feeling a bit silly (if you hear me sing you will know why I say that).

Just so you know, Laura was eighteen years old when she crossed over. Her mother, Sara said she still watched and loved Barney till her last days here!

At the end her dad came up to me. He showed me his arm, a yellow rose tattoo he got on Laura’s birthday this past year, in honor of her.

Her mother shared with me in an email that week more on the black boots. The morning of the accident, her dad and she argued over her wearing the black boots. She wanted him to be at peace and know she wasn’t mad at him still. He carried that since the day she passed and was now free from the guilt.

Thank you, Sara for trusting and allowing me to share in this experience. Your daughter is an angel in boots!

Above is a poem Sara wrote for her daughter, Laura. I believe it speaks for many of us who have lost loved ones. December 6th marks the day of her Spirit returning to God.

Bless you and your family Sara.

Please remember Laura

If there wasn’t so much love
There wouldn’t be so much pain
If there wasn’t happy memories
There wouldn’t be such longing
If there hadn’t been such joy
There wouldn’t be so many tears
If there hadn’t been such dreams
There wouldn’t be such regret
If there wasn’t such good friends
There wouldn’t be any healing
If there hadn’t been such a special person
There wouldn’t be so many missing her
There wasn’t enough time
We weren’t through loving her

In loving memory of my angel,
Laura Decker, 9/9/85 – 12/6/03


Mikey’s Sailboat

She came in hopes to speak to her loved ones in Spirit. But there was one in particular she longed for. A little boy came in with symbols of how he passed, but there were more special and happier symbols for her, to come.

Davey, with a beautiful smile, handed her a tiny sailboat. He said “Hi mommy” and reached for her, sailboat still in his hand. She cried, as he showed me by climbing up her lap he was close to her.

He then brought me to a playground filled with fun rides and a slide that stood out. In my vision I could barely see the top. If this slide were in the physical no mother would want her child to climb it! It was a beautiful playground with angels hovering and children playing.

One thing that puzzled me was he kept repeating, Mikey. She shared with me at the end that Michael was his middle name and that is what he liked to be called, Mikey! Also, that they spent endless hours as a family on sailboat. Need I say more? The simplicity of their visions and memories never surprises me because of the power of emotion that flows with it is indescribable.

As a medium I cannot make you “feel” that. That is the energy very much alive between you and your loved ones who have crossed over.  Thank you MJ for bringing your sister to me and for your trust and faith in our sessions.

Daddy’s Little Girl

This is a beautiful experience between a father and daughter. V. would call to simply receive guidance and higher understanding into her life. The presence of her father entered her sessions.

What made this special is she never knew her biological father. At the age of nine months was the last time she had physical contact with him. He would always enter with a very open heart and love for her. Over time she felt a strong bond and relationship with him.

The emotional energy felt between them would often brought tears of healing and joy. In this particular session he sent very specific and special “visions” to be shared with her.

He appeared in a birthday hat and sitting at a table with an empty chair beside him. He told me to tell her, “sit and have a piece of cake.” At that point V. got very emotional and the phone went dead. Did I mention this was a phone session?

As I waited for her to call back, he began to laugh and said to me she is frantic! When we reconnected she was so worried we lost him. I assured her he never left and the session continued.

I told her, what he said and she laughed and said, “I was frantic trying to get back on the line.” He sent her more loving thoughts and they laughed and cried a bit together.

She shared after the session that on the way home from work that evening she wanted to stop at a store and buy a cake to have the piece of birthday cake they never shared in the physical.

This is what made his message so special. He was hearing her thoughts and sharing her feelings by sending that vision of him at the table asking her to sit and have that piece of cake.

The symbolism spoke for itself as often in their messages, it does. V. no longer felt that sadness she had carried as a little girl and brought into her adult life; the feeling of not being able to share with her dad such a special moments.

I believe every message or memory shared, symbolic or literal has divine wisdom for us to take into our hearts. This will help us heal and move forward into emotional harmony and peace.

As the session came to an end, I asked her if I could share this on the Spirit Speaks page. She said before I could even finish my questions she heard him say “I would like that”. We knew we had his blessings.

Thank you V. for trusting in me to help you in connecting with your dad and others in Spirit.