To understand your self as a human being you must understand your relationship with your spirit; the part of you that exists eternally and returns to its pure energy form or consciousness.

Imagine swirling colors of energy which appear as doorways aligned with the spine. They exist outside physical body where mental & emotional frequency will enter and exit. Your perception of life, how you move through the all experiences, from the happiest to the saddest will create the condition of the chakra it is connected to.

Every thought and emotional response carries a vibration, which will travel through the body via the chakras. The condition of your energy system is affected by the condition of your chakras which connect to all systems in the physical body.

By understanding how you energetically work you are empowered and responsible for you thought patterns and responses.

Your souls expression and communication is often symbolic and in metaphors. This is the language of the Soul. Listening to your intuition, dream time and trusting imagination will open you to this language. It will help you understand your present, heal your past and create your future. You are a magnetic being and your Chakras resonate to a color and vibration. Red can compare to the beat of a drum. When hearing this sound, be aware of the area in body that stimulates. Being aware will heighten your awareness of the sense of sound and feeling and your body’s response to it. All vibrations of chakras rise to reach the “highest” vibration till it reaches the crown. Imagine the crown as a high pitch melody (angels singing).

Below is an outline to show you the 7 main chakras, their placement, color and sound as well as the emotions and physical connections to it.

For more understanding of the chakras and the mind, heart and body connection click on the Inner Light Awareness Program or the Journey to Light Course. Each offers a personal journey into the energy system. It is educational and enlightening to experience. 


Root Chakra – RED – Security issues, family, tribal or group power, survival in physical world.  Placement: BASE OF SPINE


Sacral Chakra – ORANGE – Emotional issues, relationship with Self and other, finances,  Inner child, Energy of addictive behaviors. Placement: JUST BELOW NAVEL


Solar plexus – YELLOW – Self-empowerment and achievement, intuitive center, mental vibration. Action in their life, achievement, and expectations of Self, personality. Power center. Placement: CENTER TORSO


Heart Chakra – GREEN (Healing) PINK (Self love)- Ability to love SELF and others, ability to heal, where you transform lower emotions to higher, Inner Light. Placement: CENTER OF CHEST


Throat Chakra – SAPPHIRE BLUE – FAITH -Communication, Free Will, Expression of Creativity, Spiritual Gifts and abilities. Placement: THROAT


Brow Chakra – PURPLE -Third eye – Intuitive abilities, Imagination, Clairvoyance, Multi-dimensional view. Placement: BETWEEN BROW

Beth Lynch