Channeling for Teens and Children

Channeling for Teens and Children

Is Channeling for the children and teens a good thing, is always a question I get asked. I believe the questions below will answer it for you. Straight from the source!

I would like to share with you these questions asked to me by a junior in high school for a paper she was doing. This was a very personal subject for her because she was as close to the subject as anyone can be Her father had crossed over due to an accident and she and her sister, mother, family and friends, not to mention the community of people he touched were left to grieve and heal. Together through the communication they cried, laughed, healed and so importantly new his love was very much alive.

I felt her questions would help other parents understand the positive healing effect a channeling can have on the children and all ages for that matter.

I have cried and laughed with the family and eternally grateful for the trust and love they have shown and allowed me to share with them. I hope this helps you understand the power of love and the truth of the spirit that is eternal.

1. How do you help teens cope with the loss of a parent?

As a medium, which is one who is sensitive the thoughts and emotions of people around them as well as those crossed over into the Spiritual realm, I will serve as an in between to relay the thoughts and feelings of those in Spirit. One must first understand how this communication works. I cannot speak for all mediums but my sessions begin with a blessing to raise vibration and bless the session. This clears the energy (which is the vibration patterns of emotions and thoughts).

Grief will create a low frequency which is the reason many are not receptive to the “signs” (thoughts and feelings) of their loved ones crossed.

Even though it is not a traditional way to heal the loss it is becoming more respected and trusted. It is interesting to me this is not considered traditional when understanding all it energy, our thoughts, emotions and bodies are energy. Energy never ceases, only the physical body, the thoughts and emotions rise in vibration.

2. What ways have you seen teens grieve after the loss of their parent?

Every person no matter what age will have different ways to grieve. Some shut down emotionally which can make relationships and life very difficult. We are human and spiritual beings. Our purpose is to express emotion. So it goes against our nature to shut down. A temporary shutdown is natural.

Some get angry or depressed.

3. How have you seen them overcome their grief through your profession?

The communication is much more than proving they are there. It becomes and emotional healing. To be united with the feeling and what I would call the Kodak moments of memories is not just an exchange of thoughts. It is very emotional and an energy that is felt is not easily put into words. It becomes sacred and at times they use humor to help you heal. They show us the power of eternal life and how it can help us live a more conscious and love filled life here on earth.

4. How have you helped teen in previous years get through their hard time? With suggestions on coping mechanisms, etc.?

Learning how to go within, quiet the mind and become more aware of how you breathe can help in so many ways. When you are aware of the depth and power of breath you can move through sadness, fear and even anxiety. You can also give yourself energy if you are tired. It is a natural response of the body when the mind, heart and spirit unite. The breath is the catalyst for the spirit.

Journaling is a powerful way for them to communicate simple daily thoughts and experiences to those crossed over. They will show them they see, feel and hear them. It is often simple, electricity, a voice and very common a dream or visitation. Energy can manifest and will through love. It truly is love that allows the communication to be clear and healing. Many do not understand we can love them on every level when they cross. Through thought and emotional energy, it never ceases.

5. In what ways have you experienced the ways people (teens) grieve in different ways?

They can shut down, get depressed or lash out in anger. This can create a search outside the self (over attachment in relationships, alcohol, drugs, etc.) This would be considered a negative way. Or I would prefer lower vibration expression. Others honor by embracing signs or knowings. Have celebration in honor of one crossed and their life. Continuing holiday traditions, write poems.

6. How do you feel that your help will be beneficial to a teen whose parent has just died?

By showing them they can continue to love them even while they are in spirit. When I hear back ways they have felt them or to see them smiling. This goes both ways. I work with many parents who have lost children as well. The relationship will continue through thought and feelings. Being we are still in the physical expression it is our biggest challenge. For them while watching over us they “feel” they are with us still in many ways.

I believe the communication helps us live a more conscious and productive life. A life of happiness and peace. Also a living as though we are never alone. To know our spirit is to claim the power of love on every level. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Beth Lynch