There is a quality in our personalities which we will be faced with on a daily basis to call on, use and develop. It is compassion, often confused with patience.

Patience run out, compassion does not.

Patience we need, compassion is natural emotional response within us.

We must show compassion to ourselves before we can give to others. Or we can feel unappreciated, powerless and drained.

Recently, in a meditation class I was teaching someone asked, “How do I get more patience? I am tired of trying”.

Intuitively I knew it was not patience she needed but compassion for herself and the rest was easy. It would flow into all the relationships she existed in. We have all been in experiences where we have felt the same way. Emotions are exhausted as well as your energy to go through the day and at times to even start the day.

You can try this at home. It is safe, reliable and free. No one can do for you though. It comes from the heart and is set free with a simple intention to want it.

Whenever you feel you “need” patience take a moment and say compassion, compassion, compassion. Yes it is ok to laugh at yourself. Humor is a powerful healing tool.

Take a moment to close your eyes…yes first read then go back. Take three slow breaths, really pay attention to sound and flow of your breathing, relax… Relax your shoulders, arms, hands flow through your body all the way to your feet. Breathe… take your time… just allow the flow.

Say or think… I embrace compassion in all I do today, for my Self, for others. Breathe… relax and smile… That’s it! Now write it down and carry to work, stick it on fridge, let everyone know you are freeing them from your expectations (silently of course) and replacing it with compassion. Take it out today and think it when ever you need. Be aware of how grateful you are to and have free will to do this.

They may think you are crazy but at least you will not be getting any crazier than you perceive they have made you!  They will catch on at some point. Hopefully, sooner than later. Imagine with all the compassion flowing through your relationships, your home and workplace, the peace, the love and laughter you will have.

Dedicate this week to embracing compassion by simply calling for it… and if anyone around runs out of patience… share compassion with them.


Peace, love and compassion. Beth Lynch

Beth Lynch