Emotional Energy Scale

Emotional Energy Scale

Over the last ten years in the channeling’s I experienced many sessions where loved ones who wanted to connect to the other side were grieving a suicide. First note we are an intellectual & emotional being and are here to express through relationships, choices & challenges of the physical expression. We are a spiritual & human being. We think, we feel & we create. And to suppress or numb this will create us to separate from our most sacred & natural source.At times I would get 8 in one week. The emotions were high and messages consistent. I knew there was more to be done. To hear a parent, sibling, spouse, friend, whatever the relationship express for once they feel peace and know they themselves will be ok is a humbling experience.

This chart is what those crossed have explained to me how they “feel” in the moments prior to the suicide. To help you understand the flat-line I would like to share exactly what they would show me.

The session would begin with a flat line and Picasso painting. The abstracts where faces are distorted. At that point I would say to family there is a loved one who feels responsible for taking their own life. They are in the light and ok. (A misconception suicides go to hell). From there the details would begin so the family would know it “really” was them.

I would come to learn that the distortion was a metaphor of how frustrated they felt in life. Most would look at face and know the natural placement of eyes, nose, etc. They would feel like screaming and helpless because they could not. The flat line was the emotional state. Compared to zombie or no feeling and uncontrolled thought patterns of suicide. When the vibration is below the flat line the separation from the natural, divine nature is in motion.

The chart helps give you a visual of what they have shown me. This is meant to help those understand just what prescribed (most common) & recreational drugs are doing to us as a species. It also can help many understand their own frequencies and see the power of understanding themselves. Which will guide them to raising the vibrations (otherwise known as healing).

I respect the sensitivity of this issue and welcome any questions or comments. I trust the communication of spirit is to help us all personally and universally. I have been a “mediator” for this communication for over 18 years and treat each session compassionately & with sole purpose to help one understand the power of love, healing and creating from our most natural and sacred space.

Beth Lynch

Emotional Response Scale & Chakra System [PDF]