Healing for Aurora

One morning, as I did my morning meditation, a vision of a group in the spirit world, of those who had crossed, was very vivid.

For me this is very natural. It also is for you. More than you may know or even want to know.

To help one understand what that means, let me explain. It’s as though I am the observer seeing and hearing thoughts of a group who have crossed over. They seem to be in conversation and asking questions in the light. Thoughts from a young girl became very clear. I was meant to be hearing this and became aware that the group had crossed together suddenly. It was clear to me it was the shootings in Aurora, CO.

They were being told they would be ok. Meaning their emotions which they are experiencing like on earth would adjust with their spiritual nature. As the quote goes in one of the most traditional and accepted prayers, “On Earth as it is in Heaven.” That says it all. Our true nature is our spiritual nature. Deep breath…. you are a spiritual and a human being. Spiritual means your highest form of expression in the physical expression. Now that is a book in itself I would love to discuss, but for this moment, we are staying with the vision.

The young girl’s soft voice stood out. I could see her clearly and hear her words, “But I never got to have a baby and be a mother.” This was emotional to hear, and powerful and healing for her as words came back. “You will child; there will be a time you will choose to return once again to be in human form. This is how you continue as a species. Your spirit is you’re curious and always willing to create. ‘It’ knows no end, no time, and no space.” More to come on this.

“Those on earth will be crying many tears for you so it is time we hold them with light. You with your own light which you will understand more as your journey continues.” They began to look at their arms and see their “energy body” as opposed to the physical body. One young man asked “so this is Heaven”? A reply came, “YES, young man, this is”.

They began smiling and embracing their “new” nature. The emotions I had at that second are indescribable but very real. I know that they are having them as well.

The vision faded and the emotions were lingering. It is emotional to receive this information but also a blessing. I have since a little girl which then I was afraid. I have experienced healing with so many families that there is no way I could doubt or wonder if it is real. Communication from them is meant to help us understand our life as a spiritual and a human being. To help us heal and create as the sacred special we are. I hope this brings peace to you as you read this. It is not a coincidence.

Peace and love.
Beth Lynch