Healing is a Divine Experience

Healing is a Divine Experience

“I felt to share this in, My Thoughts.

At the time, a Divine Intervention was the only way to describe it. But, as time has gone on I have come to realize it may be a more natural occurrence than we have allowed ourselves to experience.

Not to ever take away from the true miracle of being in the presence of the Divine Mother and love of God, but in the many experiences I have shared with others and had in my personal relationship with God I have become very comfortable in “IT” I truly feel if we nurture and trust this relationship unconditionally and take away the expectation, we open our minds (often limited) and hearts (often feeling unworthy) to miracles. It is energy, we are energy, thoughts and emotions are energy; as is the Divine Spirit of God. We are One.

But we must be in tune or should I say tuned into the frequency of Divinity to feel it. Not intellectually but emotionally. I have observed in many healing those who break emotionally the second they walk in the door or the reading or healing meditation begins. These are the very emotions that many avoid feeling. Energy healing is when a sacred and safe place is created for one to unite the mind, body, heart and Spirit. It is in this frequency Divine alignment will take place on all of these levels. It is then you are in the presence and attuned to the Divine.

My thought is so why not allow this to be a more natural place by nurturing the relationship between your Self and Spirit. This session is one that has remained in my heart and mind. A friendship was born and I am blessed to have experienced it with a beautiful woman, mother and friend. Who now embraces her Divine experience in all she does. Peace. Beth

We are going back 5 years ago for this story of Divine intervention a miracle or maybe a more natural occurrence than we know. It was during an Inner Light Healing.

One, who I now call dear friend, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. One day, she’s a mother of 3; the next, facing mortality. After a 3 week stay in hospital, biopsies and loss of 30 pounds she had a friend call me. She had heard of “that stuff” I did, teaching how to release stress and heal among a few.

Let’s begin with that word “heal”. What is a healer? Before I could actually use that word in my practice I had to understand it. So I would meditate on it. Didn’t take long to be comfortable with what I feel is now a natural awareness for us to live in every day. A healer is one who creates a sacred space for themselves every day, to unite mind, body heart and spirit. For when this is done the all become One, and the most powerful (Divine energy) and natural frequency will flow. Allowing the alignment of the energy system and healing on all levels. But first one must understand the spirit and the body and how they work together. Well that could be another show!

I was asked to come to her home the day after she was released from hospital. She was going to be going through chemo and radiation soon.

When I arrived, she was white as a sheet, her walk a slow shuffle and barely enough energy to hold herself up. We went to her bedroom, I proceeded to share with her what would take place and the session would be recorded for her to use to relax and during chemo. I explained from this moment on do not “claim” your cancer. Become an observer, separate from the details. “How” with fear was the question. My answer, you will see. This will raise the frequency in your body to help strengthen your immune system, help the healthy cells and empower through the process. In other words, help you relax and claim the power within.

I began meditation, simple breathing and relaxation techniques. Tears were streaming, her jaw quivering and breath very shallow. I said a prayer and ask God to show me what to do to help her relax. IMMEDIATELY I saw myself doing small circles with 2 fingers on her forehead and then on her temples. I knew the vision was a blessing of my complete trust in God and the love in the room was the fuel to this blessing. As I followed thru her breath slowed and jaw stopped, she was relaxing. In the midst of a thank you to God a vision was shown to me. As I looked down on her I saw Divine Mother holding my friend like a child, caressing her hair, her eyes held me still and heard, “Tell her these words, Child this condition is temporary, but you MUST BELIEVE”. The emotions, there were no words, tears rolling down my face. I didn’t disturb her because she was so relaxed. I continued hands on healing (compassion).

I guided her out of meditation gently. Her words, “It’s gone, but I’m afraid to think that”! Now it was time to share with her the vision. Honestly didn’t know if she would think I was crazy or out of line.

I shared, we both cried, just take the tape and listen and do not claim. Remember it is a temporary condition of the body! You must believe! She was a deep believer in the Divine Mother, hmm no coincidences, faith is so powerful.

Suddenly I realized her color was back! Being Syrian, her skin olive, not what I saw when I arrived. Her jaw now square not skeletal. We hugged we cried, we knew we had been in the presence of purity and love from thee most Divine Mother.

On her return to doctor few days later he asked her what she did that week. She said you wouldn’t believe me if I told you and laughed. He showed her x-rays, the tumor, which was size of baseball few days ago, was now a pea. Need more be said?

She is now 5 years free of that very temporary condition. This is not about what I did it is about the power of faith, love and spirit, and how to understand and nurture our existence. I believe miracles are meant to be in our life everyday and many ways. I will continue to learn, live and love in them and show others as well. We are an amazing species and it is time we believed it! Thank you for your great opportunities and for helping others to learn, live and love.