Mental Health

Mental Health & Anti-Epidemic

This is a very sensitive subject but it must be addressed. As a medium, one who is sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of those crossed in spirit, I have had some very interesting and consistent information passed on by those who come before me on the subject of depression, anxiety & suicide. It also is about the affect of antidepressants can have on the mind and create one to act in a way “out of character”. Since I originally wrote this article the increase of suicide and acts of unacceptable human behavior has been mine boggling to me. But when you understand the energy system, vibration, thought, emotional response and add the relationship the personality has with God it all makes sense. I am not writing this to say your belief has to be my belief. This is understanding who we are as a specious. We are a thinking, feeling & loving species. Here to learn how to feel and express emotion.

Again as I write and update the article I wrote 12 years ago, in honor of the young  whose parents, siblings, friends and family I have channeled for, in my heart and soul I feel them around. They want to help change things. I am a voice for them and even an advocate for them. I am not trying to prove a thing but as you read this I would be shocked if you didn’t feel their energy and heart felt concern for others like them.

I am a medium, a messenger and a teacher. I am a woman, a mother and a friend. And all of those roles are why I write this.

Over a period of years this is what I was and still am shown when those before me wish to contact a loved one who has crossed because of suicide with an “anti” connection. The anti connection means there passing is a consequence to the use of prescription medications which alter the personality. This is because of the effect it has on the vibration of the emotional, mental and physical frequencies of the body. As Nikola Tesla teaches and I quote “To understand the secrets of the universe we must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. To make it simple our perception of life spiritually, emotionally and intellectually creates a frequency around us. This is how the Law of Attraction magnetically works and how we create everything. There is nothing physical with out energy first. The higher the vibration the more connected we are to our natural source of creation, God and the Divine Intelligence. It is the separation they creates discord, dis-ease, mental dis-ease and acts of war personally and globally. Yes that is a lot to absorb or is it? How do you feel reading those words? Because you already know it…

According to the other side these medications are dropping frequencies faster and lower than ever before. It is in the low frequency acts of fear, anger, separation and hatred will be expressed to ones self and or others around. School shootings, creative young seemingly happy people of all ages, classes and race are dying for no reason because misdiagnosed mental illnesses. We have created a mentally ill society. They told me that over 10 years ago.. “so many more are coming, talk, teach about it…” I have kept my promise and will continue to for them.

I have sat before mothers and fathers, children, siblings, spouses, grandparents and friends, in deep pain, grief and confusion.I have seen them cry and smile back in gratitude as they learn about the final moment of their loved one life they may have not been a part of. Or get the answer to “why” they took their own life.

We must first embrace the concept, we are energy, thoughts and feelings are energy, are physical body is energy. Then so is anything we put into our bodies including so called” safe” or prescribed medicines. Recreational drugs

As a session begins a blessing is it is a Picasso painting. The side view of face, with distorted features and a disoriented look to it. Then the flat line. It is in that flash I know I am connected with one who feels responsible for taking their life.

Always consistent, thoughts of separation, despair and often not logical, they are separate from who they “really” are. Maybe we need to embrace the higher truth of that before we can begin to understand them. I will leave that for another blog. I wish to stay on the subject here.

This medicine carries a lower frequency into the physical body that can and will alter our frequency. The frequency of our physical body is created by our thought patterns and emotions connected to them.

When we pray, meditate, live in gratitude, connect to nature or embrace a certain perception in life that invokes happiness, love and healing we carry a higher vibration frequency.

When we are sad, confused, angry, jealous, unforgiving or living as the victim we are in lower frequency. There are many emotions and much more about this than can be explained and I would gladly help you with that. But for now, again I will stay on this subject. When we take any of the “anti” labeled medicines as well as any of the personality altering drugs for children (need the name be mentioned), well there are many, we lower the frequency.

Now comes the flat line. The flat line according to the spirit world is simply when we exist in the world. Think about that for a moment. When you only “exist” in a relationship, job or experience it can be unfulfilling and even depressing if you do not move the self through or from the experience.

Other ways one can exist in lower frequency are, undisciplined thought patterns (which creates reactive emotional expression instead of active or disciplined), which influences a unhappy perception of life, alcoholism, recreational drug use, to name a few.

The medicine is a lower frequency than our natural frequency which creates the flat line symbolism.

The Picasso is the altered perception of their life. This is how they express the disorientation and the inability to rationalize. This is where the Self and Spirit completely detach. In metaphysics the Self and Spirit need to be working together. The Spirit or Consciousness knows this is one reason it has returned to physical form. This concept may seem unnatural and confusing but it is the truth.

When one (Self) makes the choice to take their physical life they are in complete separation with their Spirit. They show it much like an out of body experience; they are observing the act in which physical death is the outcome.

I have countless stories, all ages and all walks of life; a child, husband and mothers. What saddens me is it seems to be preventable.

The medicines do not allow the body to lift in frequency, especially if there is no understanding of the power within, God, Universe, Oneness, call it what you like to help them along while trying to gain inner peace, understanding or guidance A higher understanding of who we are and teaching one another this is within is so important! They do not allow the NATURAL ABLILITY we all have to understand our emotions and direct thoughts into a place of healing.

There is more I can share but if this can help just one person understand what is going on inside themselves or someone they care for then it is worth putting it out there.

I used to say I am not “anti” anything in the world of medicine but on a weekly basis and now it’s hitting closer to home, I AM. Interesting way of putting it for those of you who understand the “I AM” teachings.

If you have a hard time believing this just listen to the media. Need I mention Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger and now Michael Jackson. Their medicine cabinets say it all.

Very recently a young girl filled with love and God in her life kept showing me a tiny orange pill. Her mother said she was not on any anti related medicines and the toxicology report backed that up. But she showed me a little pill more than once. It was confusing but I cannot change what I am shown. I unconditionally trust these visions and am extremely careful in interpreting them. But the question remained, “Why” would she. She had a very close relationship with her mother and her sister. Between the two wouldn’t one of them see her confusion? We have all been told the pill can make us moody, etc.. So considering the other option of risk we stay on.

A discussion between a woman and myself took place just the other day and this subject came up. She said she had this same “reaction” to her birth control pills every time she went back on them. The young girl I had channeled literally flashed into my vision. She was there to show me the little orange pill! I contacted her mother immediately and asked if she was on birth control pills, yes she was. Not every woman and girl on birth control are going to get to the point of a Spirit/Self separation. But to help those who may it is better to be aware it is a possibility.

I would only hop this information would help a doctor, mother, father or sibling recognize the signs for someone they love or are treating. Science and Spirituality can work together and are meant to. This relationship has come along way, meditation is often “prescribed” to help reduce stress. I have seen miracles and I have seen depths of sadness in these channelings. Let us honor the message and learn from this.

If I can help anyone please feel free to contact me. After many years of channeling suicides very, very few are not related to these medicines. But the understanding of how the mind and heart “work” together is evidently important, at any age. Energy will express itself on every level and the consequences can be Divine or devastating.


Peace~love~healing. Beth Lynch

Breaking Free From Anti-Depressants: A Woman’s Journey of Healing Shares Her Story.

Finding the Light

Several years back I was in a place were i felt “life was comfortable and good” with my job, relationships of friends and family.

A series of events happened, which I now trust that were all a part of Divine Timing and Planning. Basically in a short time my life became rearranged, unmanigable and a frightfull mess. I questioned everything and everyone, and in turn they did me. A long-term relationship was dissolving, which affected all my relations and daily activities. Even my manager was unhappy with my work.

After several attempts to manage it all, my doctor recommeded my taking a low dose of anti anxiety medicine- since my sleep habits were poor and i was exhausted, i decided to try the medicine. Not ever realising the reprocussions to follow.

It was a slow intake initially, i quickly became aware of how these drugs seemed to allow me “to cut off all emotion, without questioning or doubt”. I almost felt emotionless, and often disconnected to everything. I certainly was able to sleep more at night, and often struggled to stay awake during the day . I felt more like “i crashed” verses rested. I longer had the colorful dreams i had before, waking up tired.

I noticed that walking from the parking lot into work was a chore. By the time I arrived home at nite I felt it difficult to form simple conversations.

My thoughts were ahead of my words and often escaped me, before i could formulate them.

Within a short period of time i realised i was in toruble. When I Approached my doctor about quitting the med the response was

“I was on my own-I hadn’t given it enough time”. So i was on my own. Before this, I was a vibrant person that went to the gym 3 x’s a week and swam 1-3 times a week. I courageously took myself off, not without some challenges. I was embarrassed to be on these meds and didn’t tell anyone that i was doing this.

One day in early Spring the temperatures rose to 70’s and everyone was enjoying this day. After arriving home from work i took a walk in the neighborhood, of many years. Somehow something changed, I could “feel Spring” in a different way, I could almost feel it in my blood.

Spring was renewal and i realised i was “going to make it”. I could taste the Joy of Hope. The journey was still slow, though I kept this “sense of Spring” as a Light in my heart.

That spring my mom took ill and she was recovering in a nursing home. I’d often make visits. The evening of the “spring thing” i went to visit her late around 8:30p.m., people knew me and so it wasn’t a problem. When i walked into my moms’ room she looked at me and said “you’ve changed”!

She saw it! She saw the Light in me. Well we cried and laughed , she was aware of my struggle and often prayed for me. This winter I have re-established a Higher level of self and devotion. Along with Beth’s assistance I strive to improve my Higher Self. If ever you are in that vibration of hopelessness, or being challenged with medicines to help you, remember you are not alone-there is Light!