Time out for the Soul

Time Out for the Soul

Last night at the Inner Light Sanctuary there were quite a few new faces. It was so nice to see woman, mothers and yes teen girls taking “time out” for their Soul. Yes their Soul!

In Sanctuary we unite mind, heart, body and Soul with intention and meditation. Then those who have made the commitment to give to others lay hands on to those who come to just relax. So much more goes on when you take time for the Soul. Whether it be in meditation, traditional prayer or church, a walk in nature even a yoga class, there are many ways to nurture the relationship you have with your true essence, the Soul, Spirit, Higher Self, call it what you like.

What is most important is you have a few moments of this every day. Yes every day! No time? Then get out of your own way and create some. Everyone goes to sleep. So instead of lying there going down your list of why me or help me take a deep breath and claim your Sacred power within … the power to direct, heal and create your life. Heal your past, be in your present and create your future! Yes you!

No one needs to or should come to me for their future. I do not even know mine so how would I know yours or don’t take this wrong, I don’t want to!

I do know I am creating mine and choose to connect to my Soul and the communication free for all to have. Yes that takes place in meditation, prayer and silence. Silence! How is that possible? Well it is. I have meditated “consciously” for 12 years and would still refer to it as meditation practice or time out for my Soul.

Just give it a try; you have nothing to loose. Make a one week commitment to this time out.

In morning before you flip the switch about your day and set those thoughts free to raise heck, take a deep breath, smile and think or say, “I embrace my Divine Power today in all I think, feel and act on”. Bedtime same thing accept say “I am grateful for embracing my Divine Power in all my thoughts, feelings and actions”. Don’t judge, worry or analyze your day, just do this all of 1 minute of a time out and let me know how you feel at the end of week!

Peace~love, Beth