Who Is God?

Who Is God?

Ever wonder what kids think about God. One day the question stayed with me so I decided to find out!

Thank you everyone on my mailing list for responding. If anyone wants to share with others what a child in their life thinks about God please send it along.

Racer at age 3 told me when introducing God to him at prayer time as I referenced God as “him”. Which most of us do, and I quote, “Mom, God is not a man!!” I replied, “Then what is he?” He responded, “I don’t know, but not a man.” To this day at 9 years old, he will correct me when I reference God as he.

Racer, age 9 – “God is… energy.”

Timothy, age 8 – “God to me is a spiritual creation that created us. I believe he or she is completely made up of all creatures and plants of the earth and the rest of the galaxies.”

Emily, age 5 – ” He is a cloud… on a cloud.”

Mylyah, age 6 – ” He’s big.”

Lucas, age 8 – “He’s a spirit… like… He’s was never alive… just a spirit… like a soul… unknown. We are!”

Riley, age 6 – “Who is God? That’s a hard question. I know He’s a man, and He raised our world and He gave me a big family. I hope this helps!”

Matt, age 18– “God is a higher power that people idolize”

Eric, age 16 – “God is omnipresent and all knowing.”

Maggie – “The Father of Jesus. The Father of Earth. The creator of life.”

Emily, age 9 – “God, to me is my father.”

Jessica, age 13 – “God is the creator of all things, my helper through my problems. The One I can always rely on, even if I don’t realize He is there.”

Donna – “God is who created us. He loves us no matter what. He’s the greatest person and He ranks above everyone.”

Taylor, age 4 – “Up in the sky, I love Him. He’s an angel, He loves me, He likes everybody. He likes all of us in the planet.”

Ryan, age 11 – “God is the Creator of all life, creator of the beginnings of humanity, and creator of the beginnings of all animals. God is the creator of today’s modern animals, plants and humans. He is the creator of the universe, the creator of time and space. God is the person I pray to too make everything right on earth.”

Danny, age 6 ½ – “God is a person who is with you when you go to heaven.”

Jaclyn, age 11 – Long pause… “Heaven.”

Connor, age 6 – “Jesus”

Madison, age 10 – “What?? He’s guy in heaven ma!!”

Justin, age 9 – “He’s fair… graceful… and a good person.”