Services, Courses & Experiences

Channeling / Inner Light Reading

The intuitive guidance that will help you learn, heal and love your Self and Spirit as One. Often in the physical expression of life there is separation from who we truly are. In physical death it is only the body that ceases, the Spirit, or one’s energy is eternally conscious. — Learn More

Inner Light Healing

The IL Healing is a sacred and empowering experience. Through intention, meditation and compassion a sacred space is created for you to relax and just “be”. Allowing the unity between heart, mind, body and Spirit. It is in this space the most natural and powerful ability to heal is free to flow.  — Learn More

Divine Union

This is an Inner Light Healing Session for two who would like to understand and heal their relationship on a Soul level. It was recommended for couples getting married, but I have since discovered that many relationships whether in marriage, confusion, conflict or just wanting to be closer on a spiritual level will benefit.  — Learn More

Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is an enlightening and inspiring evening of meditation and messages. We bring together our personal and group intention to open to the divine healing and truth of our journey. — Learn More

Inner Light Awareness & Practitioner Program

“The first principle fundamental to the understanding of the operation of thought is, that we are surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence. The possibility of healing physical disease, changing environment, attracting friends, and claiming our power through positive thinking rest entirely on the theory that we are surrounded by an Infinite Mind, which reacts to our thoughts, this is Universal Law, God’s Law”.  — Learn More

Divine Direction

There are times a question or two are in need of an answer and a full reading is not necessary. This service fulfills this purpose. It will be done via email. — Learn More

Magic of Manifestation

This experience is about learning to trust, heal and create the life you deserve. Getting back to your Divine nature. Learn how to trust you inner voice, discipline your emotional responses and create from the sacred space. — Learn More

Journey to Light

Journey to Light, “Workbook for the Soul,” is a very personal journey where you get to know the Self and Spirit as One. Your self-discipline, personal awareness and confidence in your intuition will excel and be seen in all areas of your life. — Learn More