Divine Union

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Divine Union

This is an Inner Light Healing Session for two who would like to understand and heal their relationship on a Soul level.

Originally, it was recommended for couples getting married. The beautiful experiences and understandings that came from the sessions showed me something special. That many relationships whether in marriage, confusion, conflict or just wanting to be closer on a spiritual level will benefit. It is a relaxing and comfortable experience to share with someone you love.

It takes both participants on a symbolic journey of the relationship. Details remain private; it is the energy of the details that is revealed. You actually step out of them which will open your own intuition, trust and power to understand, heal and create a strong bond of love and happiness.

The now strengthened foundation shows you both the power of your spirits in this union; thus freeing you from many lower emotional responses due to fear, jealousy and even stubbornness. All relationships can benefit including; significant others, spouse, friendships, parent/child, and siblings. Ages 12 and up have experienced it and benefited from our new Divine Union session.

Give your relationship the opportunity to flow in Divine Love and Divine Expression. It is important both participants be open because they will be given an understanding to help them relax and benefit from it.

Please send any questions to understand the Divine Union experience.

Sessions run 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Investment $225.00

All sessions are recorded. (Children’s sessions adapted to age if needed)