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“The first principle fundamental to the understanding of the operation of thought is, that we are surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence. The possibility of healing physical disease, changing environment, attracting friends, and claiming our power through positive thinking rest entirely on the theory that we are surrounded by an Infinite Mind, which reacts to our thoughts, this is Universal Law, God’s Law.”

Ernest Holmes a great teacher of metaphysical principles shares with us a simple yet powerful perception of life. Words to live by so that we to may free our consciousness to love and heal to our divine potential.

The Inner Light Awareness course is about getting to understand the depths of our being, the connection of the mind, body and spirit.

Learn to understand and embrace you are a Spiritual being in a human experience. Learn to understand how you respond emotionally and think daily will be the manifestation of your future. Empower your Self and Spirit, heal, learn and love to your highest and natural ability to do so!

Whether your intention is to have a deeper understanding of your own life, awaken your intuitive gifts or to create a future for yourself in alternative energy therapy, becoming and Inner Light Practitioner will give you the foundation you need.

Inner Light Awareness course will shine many facets into the perception and healing energy you are here to experience and express. Upon completion, you receive certification as an Inner Light Practitioner.

What is the Inner Light Experience?

Whether you are experiencing an Inner Light Reading or IL Healing you are going to be making a powerful connection to your heart energy. This is where the ability to know one’s Self and Spirit as One is experienced.

The IL reading is verbal experience where in communication with loved ones crossed over, Spiritual Guides and Masters you take a symbolic journey into the language between us. Many times we miss the messages and signs they send. I hope to create for you the Sacred Space to allow for this communication. In my twelve years of channeling I have come very comfortable and trusting in the messages, they wish to bring. The simplicity and love they project is indescribable. The experience will speak for itself. Many say as they leave the room they feel lighter. Energy lifted off your shoulders that only love, belief and trust can do.

All I ask of you is to come with open mind and heart and let the experience be. I have said it often, it is not my intention to prove to you they are there. I know they are. I have experienced and shared many miracles and blessings with this ability and my only desire is to help you be able to do the same.

What is the Inner Light Healing?

I would like to answer that with the answer to what is a healer? A healer is one is called upon to create a sacred space for someone as well as them self, a space where one relaxes and connects to the Divine Intelligence.

A place where the mind, body, heart, and Spirit unite as one. In this place, the alignment will allow all energies to be in their natural healing rhythm. This alignment will flow into the energy of thought patterns and emotional currents running through the body. The cells and every fiber of being respond to this.

It is a powerful understanding into the way we function as an energy and human being. The immune system, as well as all systems, respond to this. This is how we see physical healing take place as well as higher understanding, peace of mind and love filling the hearts and experiences of those who connect to their inner light. A healing can take place anywhere this space is created, by Self or another who is devoted to this intention.

It happens when connecting to nature, creative expression, praying and in the stillness of mind. Many masters have taught the power within. The Christ, Buddha, Divine Mother, even the teachings of Mary Magdelene have come to light. There have been many before us, many walking with us and many to come.

Certified Inner Light Practitioners

Founder of Inner Light Program
Geneva NY
Phone: 888-271-4487

Co-Owner Inner You Healing & Wellness Center
Certified Medium & Inner Light Practitioner, Integrated Energy Practitioner, Human Services Degree, Certified Paramedical Esthetician
Geneva, NY
Phone: 315.759-5468

Certified Inner Light Pactitioner
3010 Garden St Ext
Seneca Falls NY 13148
Phone: 315-651-5947

Mind, Body & Spirit Unite
Certified Inner Light Practitioner
Tarot Cards / Guided Meditations
Phone: 585-613-2454

Whispering Touch
Inner Light I and II
Reiki I and II
Photo/Sound/Beam Therapy
(Royal Rife Technology)
Phone: 607-972-3317

Certified Inner Light Practitioner,
Reiki II For People & Animals,
Certified Yoga Instructor
Lyons, NY
Phone: 315-879-8419

Certified Inner Light Practitioner 2006
Basic Pranic Healing 2012
Usui Reiki Master 2006
Karuna Reiki Master 2010
Ama Deus I & II 2009
Chakra Clearing & Balancing 2012
Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-458-2430


Certified Inner Light Practitioner – Owner Into the Mystic
Meditation classes
Sebastian Florida
Phone:  772-480-4344

Inner Light 1 & 2,
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(315) 759-8898

Henna Artist, Meditation & Mehndi, Pendulum Dowsing, Reiki, Tarot

Certified Inner Light Practitioner,
Animal & Equine Massage,
Cranio Sacral Therapy
New York & New England
Phone: 508 728 8675

Certified Inner Light Practioner
Yoga Instructor
Open Arms Yoga
8711 Rt 52 Naples NY
Phone: 585-374-2584

Certified Practitioner Advanced Inner Light
Divine Studies of Inner Life
USUI / KARUNA Reiki/ Master -Teacher
Omega Shakti Level III
Syracuse~Sodus Pt.

Certified Inner Light Practitioner,
LMT, CST, Reiki,
Sports Massage,
Yoga Techniques for Relaxation,
Intuitive Energetics for Stress Pattern Release and Pregnancy Massage
Phone: 585-234-0694

Unique Meditation
25 Beeman St Canandaigua NY
Personalized meditations, group meditations, Inner Light chakra balancing & card readings. *Phone*Email*Skype.
Have a uniquely beautiful day!
Phone: 585-394-2565 * 585 919 9068

Certified Inner Light Practitioner
Graduate of Delphi university of Spiritual Studies, 2015
Delphi Registered Medium
Spiritual Counselor
Phone: 315-956-2300

Certified Inner Light Practitioner
Basic/ Advance Pranic Healing
Usui/Karuna Reiki Master – Teacher
Reiki for Animals
Ama Deus I & II
Integrated Energy Therapy
Chakra Clearing & Balancing
Guided & Group Meditations
Syracuse, NY

Certified Inner Light Practitioner
Certified Essential Oil Specialist
Certified Aromatherapist