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Inner Light Healing

As a medium I am sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of those in Spirit.  In physical death it is only the body that ceases, the Spirit, or one’s energy is eternally conscious. It is this we are in the sacred communication with in a channeling.

It is my intention to create a sacred space for you to communicate with them. My only request is you come with an open heart and mind. It is in the power of love and faith they communicate through. The purpose of this communication is to help you understand, heal and be one in the love and energy you shared with them.

Connection to the Spirit world is a very sacred and special experience. It can also be very emotional and surprisingly natural. Their messages are filled with inspiration, wisdom and healing. They will share memories as well as show you they are watching over you and others.

What has amazed me is the simplicity of their messages and the power it sends to help you understand where they are and often address unanswered questions about their passing.

They are no longer with us in physical expression but truly share emotion, thoughts, memories and knowings since they crossed. They come with messages of love, understanding and at times forgiveness.

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Know you can call on me with any questions about the sessions, myself or information on understanding this communication.