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“As a species you have evolved technically but not spiritually. You are now at the consequence of that. It is not a punishment, it is a consequence..

In order to understand life, death and all that is in between we must be open to the process of it. To heal and create a life of happiness, love and abundance we must first embrace the relationship between our Self and the source IT comes from.

In mediation I asked “Why are so many in a place of inner conflict with being happy and at peace with themselves”? The quote above was the answer. Interestingly enough it brought peace and understanding to me.

What to do with this wisdom is why I have created IIT, Intuitive Intellectual Transformation.

This can be a one session experience or a sequence. It will be through meditation, frequency alignment , intuitive council and practical practices at home you will understand, heal and begin to understand the power and simplicity of your relationship you have with yourself, those around you and your world. Freeing you to love from your Divine potential, surpassing the human level of this is what our soul desires.  The experience is interpreted from the soul level allowing for a compassionate and divinely guided experience. The interpretation is clearly understand, but you must understand your commitment daily is how you will benefit. Often people do not feel like they can “do this” and do not understand what healing is. IIT will take the mystery out of this and free you to this natural and sacred ability within.

It will assist in aligning all systems to higher frequency allowing for the natural process of healing and acceptance.

Benefits on a daily basis will be:

  • Increased concentration,
  • Increased natural ability to cope with emotional highs & lows,
  • Build confidence in decisions
  • Create the feeling the love and being happy in the expression of your life.
  • Move through creative blocks and decision-making.

Sessions can be customized to your needs. We begin with a consultation, IIT Meditation & Intuitive Interpretation & Conclusion. There will be a weekly follow up for one month via phone or email. If you feel drawn to this experience or have any questions please contact us.