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Welcome to Journey to Light, “Workbook for the Soul.”  Your self-discipline, personal awareness and confidence in your intuition will excel and be seen in all areas of your life.

Expressing self love, positive intention and commitment is what is needed for a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the Self. Your journey to your light, will be healing for the mind, heart, body and Soul.

There are two ways to experience the journey.

It is now in a workbook format for those of you who prefer to go through the journey on your own. Simply purchase the book and begin the journey at your own pace.

The other option is as a meditation correspondence course. I will work one on one with you as you go through the journey. It is a six week commitment via email if you do not have access to a computer we can work through hard copy and mail.

Remember meditation is practice; remember to be kind to your Self in some of the distractions that may arise. Simple noises, inability to focus and interruptions are most likely going to be a part of it. When we learn how to embrace distraction in meditation we embrace the distractions of life.

We discover a level of compassion for ourselves we did not know we had. This in turn flows into all our relationships freeing them to heal and be understood in a whole new light.

My own commitment to meditation became deeper and clearer after doing a twelve week correspondence course with Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University in McCaysville, Georgia. It taught me the importance of meditation and the power within. It is because of this experience I was inspired create Journey to Light, “Workbook for the Soul”.

Meditation is a very personal experience and it will stretch you in so many ways. It opens your communication with Spirit Guides, Masters and Teachers. Angels. Their unconditional love is always with you. They never let us down and I know if you stay committed to your meditations you will feel them in a way words cannot explain.

You will learn the symbolic language of the messages and how to recognize and trust your intuition deepening your relationship with God.

I have found meditation is where the traditional and the metaphysical beliefs and perceptions become One. We blur the lines or boundaries and venture into freedom of expression, healing and creation.

I look forward to holding your hand during the journey and I look more forward to letting it go and watching you soar.

Peace and love.