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Magic of Manifestation

Divine – To have the nature or being of God, supernatural nature. Expressing god self, expressing one’s true nature is divine

This experience is about learning to trust, heal and create the life you deserve. Getting back to your Divine nature. Learn how to trust you inner voice, discipline your emotional responses and create from the sacred space. In turn you will create a life of fulfillment, happiness and wealth and a healthier physical body. Keep in mind the conditions of your relationships, your body, and finances all are determined by your perception of life.

Yes, the everyday how you feel waking up will affect your present and future experiences. Being able to fulfill your Self, which is the personality, what you have come here to express through. The first relationship you must get comfortable with is the one you have with the Divine. We are a spiritual and a human being. Our spirit is our relationship with Source, Divine, God, Buddha or whatever your “Higher Power” respectively is. We are here to learn from all relationships, choices and challenges. So begin with the most important and one that influences all.  Also, throughout this program you will receive tips on how to get back on “divine track” if you fall off.

Investment $225. All forms of payment accepted. The next step is setting up your Divine beginning! To get started simply make an appointment for your intial consultation. Contact me directly at 888.271.4487 or by e-mail for any questions.

Thank you for your trust and support in all of the Inner Light Teachings.
Peace & love. Beth Lynch