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Circle of Life

The Circle of Life - MEDITATION & MESSAGES is an enlightening and inspiring evening of meditation and channeled messages. 

Loved ones in Spirit are always a part of the evening as well as spiritually guided wisdom for each person attending. Communication with loved ones is a very sacred and emotional experience. It is not an evening of proving to you they are “there”. It is an evening for you to experience the love still between us and the very natural and blessed gift we all hold to communicate with them.

My intention as a channel is to create for you a sacred space to relax and allow the love to be.

You will cry, laugh and heal with them. You will learn how to recognize the signs you may have missed. You will see the symplicity of the communication and how natural it really is between us.

I humbly accept and am honored to communicate with those who have crossed for you. I believe it is my duty as a channel to help you understand this communication is a gift and blessing we all hold in our hearts.

I will gladly answer any questions about sessions before you set up an appointment. You can also click on Testamonials and Spirit Speaks for more about the channelings.

Session Options

We will begin with a  short meditation and will follow with each participant receiving a personal 10 minute segment.   These are done at the Inner You Center. 

(each person) ... $40.00 min.

Private Groups - The Circle of Life- Meditation & Messages is the Inner Light Reading/Channeling in a group energy. There will be brief discussion on what to expect, meditation and the message service. All will recieve the agreed upon time for personal segment which is recorded for them. The Circle of Life can be held at Inner You Center or ONLINE.  Invite friends and family to an enlightening and healing experience. 


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