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Inner Light Healing

The IL Healing is a sacred and empowering experience. Through intention, meditation and compassion a sacred space is created for you to relax and just “be,” allowing the unity between heart, mind, body and Spirit to align.  It is in this space the most natural and powerful ability to heal is free to flow through all aspects of consciousness. 

It is about awakening the potential to love, heal and understand your Self and feel the power & peace of your Spirit.

The chakras will be aligned and a intuitive consultation following to share the guidance and energy of the experience. In this consultation you will be given the tools to continue your healing at home. 

The IL connection can be emotional, empowering and forever changing. This understanding of the relationship with the Self will flow through all relationships, choices and challenges you experience. It opens you to living a conscious life of intention, peace, love and abundance. Often people express feeling “lighter” following an IL Healing.  Lower vibrational energy may not physically feel heavy but when the sensitivity of the healing takes place one becomes sensitized to their vibration.

For any questions on the IL Healing or Practitioner Certification contact me directly. I look forward to sharing the Inner Light experience with you.



Session Options
Session ... $135.00
Divine Union ... $140.00


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