Testimonial 67

Hello Beth,

I felt compelled to write to you, I again am Thankful I was lead to you
going on 3 years ago. I have since awakened and I am so blessed daily
with what I know and feel. Signs come to me not just from Kevin but from
Angels and the higher masters of Divinity. I am not wealthy with money,
but I have wealth, when I am in need, I am given what I need! The second
year of Kevin’s passing was worse than the first year, that is, until
Christmas Day. A couple of days before Christmas I was given a crystal
Angel, I hung this Angel in my kitchen window, the window facing south,
on Christmas morning I went to my son’s home for breakfast and celebrate
with my family, I came home around 10 am, I walked in and thought to
myself, ok, here you are alone, and wow!! next thing I know the sun came
out and the crystal angel cascaded the most BEAUTIFUL rainbows
throughout my house!! I was truly touched by the Divine presence of God
and all in Heaven, the peace and comfort that went thru me were
indescribable and from then on my grieving has eased and my faith has
gotten even stronger. I BELIEVE, I AM LOVED, I AM LOVE and I will do
what I can to help others to see and feel that we are not alone and we
are Loved beyond words!
I continue to meditate daily and I am aware!!
God Bless you, Beth Lynch, you as we all are a blessing from God!!

With Love and Peace,
— Tracey

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