Hello Beth,

I felt compelled to write to you, I again am Thankful I was lead to you
going on 3 years ago. I have since awakened and I am so blessed daily
with what I know and feel. Signs come to me not just from Kevin but from
Angels and the higher masters of Divinity. I am not wealthy with money,
but I have wealth, when I am in need, I am given what I need! The second
year of Kevin’s passing was worse than the first year, that is, until
Christmas Day. A couple of days before Christmas I was given a crystal
Angel, I hung this Angel in my kitchen window, the window facing south,
on Christmas morning I went to my son’s home for breakfast and celebrate
with my family, I came home around 10 am, I walked in and thought to
myself, ok, here you are alone, and wow!! next thing I know the sun came
out and the crystal angel cascaded the most BEAUTIFUL rainbows
throughout my house!! I was truly touched by the Divine presence of God
and all in Heaven, the peace and comfort that went thru me were
indescribable and from then on my grieving has eased and my faith has
gotten even stronger. I BELIEVE, I AM LOVED, I AM LOVE and I will do
what I can to help others to see and feel that we are not alone and we
are Loved beyond words!
I continue to meditate daily and I am aware!!
God Bless you, Beth Lynch, you as we all are a blessing from God!!

With Love and Peace,
— Tracey

Dear Beth,

I would like to Thank you again for the session we had yesterday, I felt so at peace and happy knowing my spouse is still with me even though he has passed. An” OH WOW” moment hit me several times after I had left our session, a lot of the names mentioned did indeed have a connection! I believe with all my soul it was my husband’s way of validating that he was communicating with you. I found the book he spoke of and inside there was a message he had left for me and our immediate family, I was so happy to have found this, I had been hoping and searching for something left by Kevin and I found it!!

Again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for helping me and I will definitely see you again for another session.

— Sincerely, Tracey

My Dear Beth.

I don’t know where to begin to tell you how you have made my life a little better. I came to you about a year after my husband passed. I will admit I was a little leery even though my sister in law told me you were the real thing. I came in for a healing session and I didn’t even think I had me eyes shut for 5 mins and it turned out to be about 45. When you brought me back and started telling me everything and everyone that was there I totally lost it. The first thing you said to me was “did your husband pass because he came down and kissed me and brought me red roses”. There was so many things that you said that I know you couldn’t have known about. I walked out of there that day feeling like so much weight had been lifted from shoulders. You told me that Bill said I was doing everything right and that he was with me every step of the way. I live every day knowing that he is with me and that we will see each other again. I also know that my mom and dad are happy and healthy again. As much as I would like them here in person I know they are with me in spirit thanks to you.

I am so grateful for you and what you do. I don’t think I would be moving forward if it weren’t for you. If I could I would be talking with you all the time. Lol.

Thank you again and may God Bless you.

— Love, Kathy

Beth Lynch is an amazing woman… If any one wants to channel their loved ones, trust me, you won’t be disappointed… Tonight was a night I won’t forget anytime too soon… Thank you, Beth.

— M.B.

Beth Lynch Medium. There are not enough thank you’s in the universe. You have such an amazing gift. You always send me away with a healing feeling and tonight you gave that feeling to our son. His Daddy is by his side and will never leave mine. Thank you to all of our Heavenly Angel’s for sending validations.

— D.N.

THE DISCOVER THE DIVINE IN YOU CD saved me today…it was a very busy and emotional day with the changes I am making thanks to feeling connected to my Spirit and truth of my life. My daughter had a total emotional breakdown and I had to leave work early. I threw Discover the Divine CD into in the car, listened to the whole thing and I swear it cleared the way!

When I walked in the door my daughter was a hot mess, she was screaming bloody murder, wouldn’t listen or let me near her…SO tried Donalds Journey CD for the 1st time. She instantly stopped, was entranced and turned into a happy kid. I was like, holy —-! For the heck of it, I played it in background at bed time. She was out like a light in no time. Both of us were in great spirits by then. Thank you!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!

— E

Having been to several psychics, my husband and I decided that for our next experience we wanted to have a session with a Medium. Beth came highly recommended so we set an appointment with her. Our experience was fantastic. Beth is personable and professional. She was able to immediately connect with our loved ones with absolutely no information or input from us regarding names or relationships. She was able to give us insight into our lives. This was a very emotionally rewarding experience. I am sure we will speak with Beth again in the future. We highly recommend Beth to anyone who is looking for an incredible experience. Thank you so much again,

— Rich and Becky

Beth Furano-Lynch shares her wonderful gifts with integrity and humor. She is not just a talented, authentic and accurate psychic medium, she is also a genuinely spiritual person who understands the profound needs of her clients. Guided by her messages of love, she brings healing to the wounded heart while offering hope to those that have suffered loss. Her ability to reconnect family and friends with their loved ones on the other side is nothing short of a miracle. Every aspect of her work touches the heart, transforming fear into understanding, emptiness into love, and death into a celebration of life.

— Elizabeth Harper

Color Intuitive, Artist, Teacher, and Author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires and co-author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers. www.sealedwithlove.com

Hi Beth!!
I came to you for a reading last December, and at the time was quite lost.  I had been addicted to Adderall for 6 years, and it was taking its toll.  On the outside, most people would not notice, but on the inside, I was slowly dying.  -Not to sound melodramatic, but looking back, that’s what was happening.  Mentally, emotionally, and physically I was so unhealthy.

On top of things, I was having a very hard time trying to understand my psychic gifts.  Deep down  I just KNEW there was something more to life, that I was meant for something more.

Long story short, upon your immediate advice the day of my reading, I weaned myself off Adderall in 4 short weeks and I can proudly say that as of right now I am almost a full year clean. I don’t miss it a bit.  I’m glad for those dark times though, for several reasons.  We can only go so high as we’ve been low, and having been through many things, (addiction being just one) it gives me reference to help others.

My thirst for spiritual knowledge sent me back to you, to take take the Inner Light Awareness class, it changed my life and helped me further my understanding of my spirit, heart, mind & body. Thank you for showing me my light.

— J

Hi Beth! I just wanted to thank you again for our reading. I know it definitely helped my husband find some closure with his mother’s death and hearing from my father was exactly what I wanted and needed. I also wanted to let you know that we have fallen asleep as a family every night since Tuesday to your CD. This includes my 20 month old son and 12 year old daughter! I find that Donald’s tree brings us all a type of comforting peace that helps us to calm from daily stress and fall asleep.

Absolutely!!!! My son is a very high energy boy and just seeing him calm as soon as he hears your voice and feeling his body relax next to me is just incredible and makes bedtime SO much easier for all of us! For that, I thank you again! 🙂

— Anonymous

Hi Beth,
I want to get back to you with an update of how I’m doing.

My healing and reading were most definitely life changing events. I have moved on past the “part of my story” where I was stuck.

I have listened to both my meditation and reading recordings many times. Each time I listen to my reading I’m humbled and honored to have had Jesus participate and for the messages he sent to me through you.

Physically I feel much less achy and I have not had any heart events!

You are an amazing healer and I’m so thankful for the gifts you have given me. Blessings,

— Mi

Hi Beth,
Yesterday’s healing was nothing less than remarkable. Reflecting back it truly was a miracle on countless levels.

I have not felt this good in many years. I have listened to the reading again and written some notes to keep me on track.  There is not only the spiritual healing that spills over to the physical but a new wisdom about how to live.

You truly are the facilitator of miracles and I want to thank you for all the patience and love that went into my healing. Love,

— Helene

Thank You so much, Beth for the Inner Light Healing yesterday. It really helped tremendously. This is the happiest and most aware I have felt in years.

There is something I forgot to share with you that came to me in the meditative state. In my mind, I said, “You took my power from me, it’s mine and now I am taking it back. I believe it was my inner voice and the forgiveness I experienced in the healing.

Thank You so much for guiding me to the realizations I need to see and feel.

— Linda

Channeling with a mother and family whose son was murdered.

You make us feel like we are walking on clouds when we leave. Our hearts aren’t heavy when we leave. Our faces have smiles. You are our personal Angel and you are loved very much, Beth Lynch.

— Anonymous

Hi Beth,
First I just want to say that yesterday was the most amazing experience ever. I can definitely feel him around me now.. I took a picture last night while I was outside and it’s actually his shadow standing beside me! Then just now I was outside and I took two more pics of the sky because something told me to look up.. The first pic I took shows an orb with a rainbow around it.. The next pic I took seconds later shows an eye! A blue eye and schafer had blue eyes! I showed my son and he said mommy that’s daddy’s eye. It’s amazing and I had to share these pictures with you. I have to believe in my heart that this is him! Thank you again.

— N

I need to write and thank you for all you’ve done for me in the last 3 years. My son was murdered. I was left feeling very guilty and lost. I had so many questions that needed answers. I was beating myself up over guilt and loss. Had you never have come into my life and helped me I would still be carrying a lot of guilt around. You are responsible for me to continue my son’s wishes. Had I not gone to you I would still be thinking my son hated me. You knew things you would have never have known. You showed me there is life after death. I know my son is still with me. Thank you. You’re an angel on earth.

— J

This has worked with my adopted son and all the foster kids we cared for…and me! LOL! I swear by Donald’s Journey!

— Cara

You were right. About everything. I am a changed person. For the better! I’m totally off all medication, have been meditating regularly, and quite frankly I feel like I’ve got the world by the balls lol. Thank you again. So much.
See you soon,

— J

Healing for 11-year-old brings hope. Doctors wanted her on medication. Her mother “knew” it was hurting more than helping…

Hi Beth-

I just want to say a great big thank you for spending the time with my daughter and I today! On the way home, she told me that when she opened her eyes for the first time after the meditation, that she felt like she came alive again (like born again). And it does seem like a giant weight has been lifted off of her shoulders, and mine as well. She adores you, and I truly believe that your spiritual guidance has made a huge impact on her today.

I will do my very best to work on all of the things that you suggested today. She has the meditation station on Pandora right now…

Thank you for caring so deeply about my baby. It means the world to me. I will keep you updated, most definitely.

— E


Thank you so much for everything again Beth! We listened to it last night and I can’t put into words how much you’ve helped me. I am so glad that I got a chance to meet you and speak with my daughter. That’s all I wanted! I just wanted to know that she was okay! will definitely be coming back to see you again!

— N

Hi Beth.

I have had 2 readings with you and will have my third in August. There are a few things that I wanted to share from my last reading. At the end, you asked if my mothers favorite color is blue (which it wasn’t…it was yellow). I told you no but my mom kept showing you a pastel blue color. Then you asked if someone was expecting a baby. My sister is pregnant but at the time of the reading, we didn’t know the sex of the baby yet. You said, “well I will wait for that email to hear if it’s a boy!” Well, it is a boy! Secondly, in my reading, you were talking about when people put things out into the universe. The example you used is that people will put out that they just need enough money to pay their bills…and that’s what happens. They make just enough to make ends meet. You told me what should be said is that I want my income to exceed my needs and responsibilities. I have said exactly that for months. When I pray I ask God for that. When I talk to my mother I ask that she help me with that. About a month ago a job opportunity came up where I work. I went for it but knew that it was going to be tough to get. Well, I got it and am now the Executive Director at a child care facility. My income will increase by $15,000 a year. No more struggling. My income exceeds my needs and responsibilities. So I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you do is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for my next reading. I can’t wait to speak to my mother again. Much love to you.

— S


I just want to say thank you for last night. I have always believed that my loved ones were always with me especially my mom but you opened my eyes to a whole new world. You made me feel safe and a little less confused about everything that.
Thank you so much again 🙂

— M

Hello Beth,

Just listened to the session again and I’m in awe. You mentioned “Mary”. Nothing came to mind. You mentioned a connection to my father, like maybe a great-grandmother of mine. Sure enough, my great-grandmother was Mary Farrell.

You are amazing and I’m sooooooooo happy to know I’ll hold my beloved pets again.

Thanks so much,

— M

Channeling 2014

Five minutes into her reading Beth was describing the son I had lost; his physical appearance, his personality, his memories. She knew nothing about my family or the circumstances that brought me to her. And yet, here he was, big as life. Through Beth I learned that he continues to live, and in a very real way is always close to me. It is the most wonderful gift I’ve ever gotten. Beth and my son taught me how to live again.

— Debi

Channeling 2014

Beth thank you so much. I solved the baseball issue. I took him to the state fair last year and he spent a small fortune throwing baseballs at this guy sitting on a chair. He’d hit the target over and over and knock the guy in the water. SO much so that the guy was getting livid. He said that was one of the best times he had while here. He’d run out of balls and say he had to ask his dad for more money. A crowd was forming and people were asking me if he were my son and if he played on a school team. I was beaming from ear to ear for “my son”. You brought him back to us Beth. You helped lift our spirits and put smiles back on our faces. Thank you so very much…. Peace and Love to You.

— T

On Sept 10th, 2013 my son & I came to see Beth for a reading. It had been only 3 weeks since my husband Chris died in a tragic car accident at the age of 33, we were only married 21 months and I was a wreck. I had been to readings before, but I wasn’t so sure of mediation and all it entailed. My readings have been blessings. My husband through Beth has explained what heaven and the death process is like, soo that I am no longer afraid of dying.

On the other hand, mediation has opened up a new world to me. Both my son and I love mediation, but I’m a continuous constant follower. I do Beth’s daily mediation which I found was easy to download to my cell phone “everyday”. It’s only 10 mins and it goes by soo fast. To make the mediations last longer, I sometimes follow the daily with one of Beth’s 2 CDs. I have a ritual which helps me. Every day at 9am after my son goes to school and I have a cup of tea, I play my daily…no matter where I am. You know sometimes life gets in the way, but 10 mins doesn’t take away from anything and after you do it for so long 10 mins goes by so fast your amazed that it ended so soon. for me now my body immediately knows and soon after my eyes close I’m there relaxed.

I use to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety attacks, I say use to because of mediation, I haven’t had one. Learning to slow down my breathing has helped with panic attacks. Some times during a meditation I feel one coming on, not anymore, I slow my breathing and it relaxes me to breathe through it. With mediation, I can’t remember the last time I had a full blown attack.

Mediation has also helped with not internalizing negative emotions. I have an ex-husband who use to love pushing my buttons and I would normally become upset or even angry, now I’m just NOT !! I won’t hold any of that negativity, it’s just not there. I still have grief. I still cry. I still miss my husband terribly. As Beth would say it “divine order, divine intention”….I AM, I AM, I AM HEALING !!!!

Thank you for opening me up to this new world of meditation. We are all healing now including Chris. Thanks to mediation and Beth

— Susan H.

Inner Light Healing and Practitioner class was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was told before class by a friend that it would transform me….boy was that the truth! I took inner light healing for a very specific reason…to make my life as wonderful as possible. I wanted to find peace, positivity, and forgiveness. Through this class, I found the ability to achieve all of those. My goal now is to be devoted to meditation and to share divine energy with anyone who needs it.

— Anonymous

Inner light healing was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was told before class by a friend that it would transform me….boy was that the truth! I took inner light healing for a very specific reason…to make my life as wonderful as possible. I wanted to find peace, positivity, and forgiveness. Through this class, I found the ability to achieve all of those. My goal now is to be devoted to meditation and to share divine energy with anyone who needs it.

— C

I would like to say it has been quite the journey so far. It is going on two years since my son got into some trouble. With the help of you, he has become a great father a loving son and now he is on a new chapter in his life. He is in a relationship and has a new home. Without your inspiration, I don’t think he would be where he is today. I would just like to say how very grateful I am to you and all you do. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to grow. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace and love to you.

— Bonnie

Thank you for the reading the other day. My time with you was/is a gift. As I continue to replay our session, the connections and lightbulbs…forget about it! I’m sure you’ve heard this before! I could go on, but you know what I am saying already. Everything makes sense. Thank you. I would like to schedule an appointment with you soon. When I get back to California I’ll be in touch. Gratitude and Love,

— D

I SO enjoyed Saturday and the refresher on Inner Light. Thank you and I don’t think you truly realize what a gift you have, not only in being able to connect with the spirits who surround you, but also in the way you relate to others. You sincerely are an inspiration to everyone you meet! And, tho I didn’t mention it on Sat, YOU are the reason that I kicked the anti-depressants in 2010 and reclaimed my life. I will always be grateful to you for that because I was floundering and you helped me to get back on course. I had lost 10 years of my life and truly doubt I would have ever realized what was going on until I met with you and you begged me to “get rid of the meds”. It changed my life. Thanks again. Love you,

— Linda

I have had a real difficult time this week accepting some huge changes that are rapidly coming my way. With the help of Beth Lynch, I have come to the realization that this Physical life we are living is a temporary state, and no soul ever dies, it’s just the physical body that carries us that peters out. We all go through bad times as well as the good, and it’s all part of the experience.. If we consciously ward off the negative thoughts, we CAN raise our mood, and experience the best while we are here. And we can take comfort in knowing that those we love, who have passed, are always just a shout away to help us through those difficult times.

— K

My reading was amazingly life-changing. I’m still ingesting and working through it all — it is all so healing. :))

I will work on consistency in my devotion to meditation.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom and love.

— H.


Thank-you so much for the learning experience and Divine Healing that you bring to the world!

Your Healing Presence was phenomenal~ as always.

Through you, I have learned “to accept is to be healed and to touch is to heal”.

I extend Divine Wishes to you for your class in Florida in December and look forward to sharing

Divine Light and Joy!

— Barb

Thank you for all that you do. You give so many people hope providing us all with an experience we may never have had if it weren’t for you. Your gifts, kind heart, and positive energy has helped bring peace to my family and I on so many levels.
Truly amazing.

Thank you <3 — Nikole Enos

I would like to thank you again for all you do. Yesterday my son graduated from drug court. ONE YEAR! I am sooooo proud of him and I have you to thank for some of this. You gave him inspiration to continue on his journey. Also you taught me how to meditate and gave me strength to help him on his journey. For this, I am very grateful. I hope that we can come see you soon. Take care and divine gratitude.
— love Bonnie

I just want to thank you again for all you do. It has been one year ago today that my son and I came to see you. It has been such a life changing experience. He is 6 months clean today. AWESOME He has changed so much in the last year. People tell him that all the time. Yeah he has his days like everyone else but he is starting to see so much more. I hope we can come see you soon. He talks about things more. He thinks about all the things you told him. he meditates. You are such an inspiration to him and to me. Thanks again for all you do. From the bottom of my heart
— B.

I recognize what a powerful, life changing session that was and that all my questions, and I do mean ALL MY QUESTIONS were answered in some way and many levels.
— Anonymous

First, I would like to thank Beth from the bottom of my heart. I first saw Beth back in April 2011 with my son. She has helped him so much, but also has helped me let go of a lot of things. She is always there when I need a little reassurance from time to time. I will email her when I’m a little stressed and she always answers me. She is an awesome lady. This experience with her just keeps on going. Thanks for being awesome and for all you do. Peace and Divine everything!
— Anonymous

Beth, “Journey into Light” is a treasure. You have succeeded in bringing through words and concepts which enable the reader to touch the face of God. As this book does indeed appear to be a bridge from three dimensional Earth to God above (the all that is), can we then say it to is Christed? Thank you for the gift.
— Anonymous

I would like to share the experience that I had during my Journey to Light Course.
I must first tell you that I won this wonderful experience back in March during a group get together at the Ramada Inn in Geneva. There were to be door prizes that evening, and all who entered were asked to write their names and submit for drawing. I did as requested and did not give it another thought. There was a group meditation and I would have to guess that there were approximately 45-50 people there that evening.

It came time for the door prize drawing to take place, and the third and final name to be drawn was mine. I was so surprised. To think out of all of these people that were there, I was lucky enough to win the Grand Prize. What I did not know at that time, was how lucky I really was. And I do believe that there are no coincidences. I was meant to do this journey.

I will not go into any great detail about my personal lessons, but I will share with you the major impact that this has had on my life. I have always had great belief in a Higher Source and have always prayed throughout the good and not so good times of my life.

The journey that this book took me on was one of much self-discovery, self- belief, strength, the belief in the Higher Source, and of course the endless amounts of love that are provided to us, if we would only sit in calmness and listen to what our Higher Source is trying to tell us. I can honestly say that I am a much better person for having taken this journey. The effects on my life, both physically and spiritually have been profound. And as I mentioned previously I have always been a spiritual person, to begin with, but the experience of this book and the lessons that it offered are one of complete and utter profound insight and teachings.

I have never had high blood pressure in my life. Actually, it has pretty much remained the same over the years. During my journey with the lessons of “Journey to Light”, I discovered that my blood pressure had in fact gone down even more. It now stands at a very healthy and desirable level. And I find that I am much more calm and therefore more open and available for my true, life lessons to actually become true manifestations.

I have made the Meditations within this wonderful book a continued and constant part of my everyday existence. I can only hope that everyone will be able to experience this Journey as I have, and become the person that they so want and desire to be.

Many heartfelt thanks to Beth Lynch, “could not have done this without you.” Much Love,

— Mickey

Beth, I can’t begin to express my thanks for Journey to Light! I am experiencing such inner healing & acknowledgement…on such a deep level. So cool. I love you!!!
— Hilary

Dear Beth, The deeper I get into the work of the soul using your Journey to Light, I see or understand more and more why you had to publish this work. Lesson five is amazing. I have to keep reading it over and over to get what it says, and then just when I think that I have it, I have to read it again. The content is so phenomenal and so elusive at the same time. this helps me to realize how important it is to pray always.
— Lisa

Hi Beth. You know I never would have gotten that message, and written it down so that I won”t forget it, if not for the commitment Journey To Light has helped me create.. It is because of this wonderful Book You Have written and Who You Are. You would not believe the drama I have watched play out in my life the last two and a half weeks because I haven’t been writing about it.have just watched how my meditating has definitely raised my vibration because what has manifested in the situation which is playing out on the physical plane so far is making me feel somewhat empowered because I have connected to the Universal Mind.
Empowered has nothing to do with feeling any better or more than anyone else, because this beauty is here for everyone. This Mind and Knowledge is here for all of us.

I really, really love being able to share my heart with you. I can’t ever remember, ever being this open with anyone in my life. So I must really really love and trust in you so much. And I’m late for work again. I am really just so much more open to Spirit in the morning than after working all day. Peace.
— Lisa

I met you this past summer and ordered Donald’s Journey for my son. I wanted to let you know that he listens to it every night by saying “want to listen to the lady talking”. I thought I would diversify a little bit, give him some variety and bought “The Floppy Sleep Game” by Patti Teel and William informed me that “I no like that lady talking – want the other lady talking”. So, every night after we read stories, we “listen to the lady talking”.
— Anonymous

You are a gift that I have been given. It was my honor and pleasure having shared the experiences I did with you. Thank u for sharing ur light and opening the door to my inner light. Looking forward to our next meeting. Thank you
— L.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being the amazing teacher, person, and a friend. You, as my teacher, have helped me find my own Inner Light to heal myself and others. You as a person, have helped to open the wondrous world of healing energy. You, as my friend, have walked with me through laughter and tears and listened to my dreams. I know, I hear you, I started on this journey, but without you and the gently nudges along, helped in so many ways. Thank so very very much!! Love you!
— Jen

I always felt misplaced or lost for some reason. cause I always had visions of myself in light helping people but I just did not know how. and I finally got to meet Beth Lynch and she brought meditation into my life and I had another vision of myself healing people through meditation. so I talked with Beth and found out she owned Inner Light Teachings School here where I lived. So I asked to join her classes and it was the best thing I ever did for myself and I was like I found my place and home. Thank you so much
— Anonymous

I wanted to email you and let you know what has happened to me. When I came to see you in a group you told me that I was thinking about advancing myself and that I should go for it and see what happens. Well, I had told you that I was thinking about applying for a higher job in my agency. Well, that news inspired me and I went for it. The week before the position was posted my supervisor called me into her office and asked me if I would be interested in this position and that she was looking to me to work on a few things to excel at this job. A week later I applied for it and I got the position. I want to thank you for helping me with that decision that I was struggling with. Your gift is very precious and it’s wonderful the way you can help people. I am very excited to start this new position. Thanks again,
— Jen

I came to see you on june 3rd.I was the little girl with the 6 other people. It was the best experience of my life. I want to say thank you. You have actually talked to my dad in alot of peoples readings. My mom has been meaning to set up another oppoment with you but she has been busy. The reason I am e-mailing you is because I was listening to my reading and can’t wait to see you agian. I also want to say thank you for making me feel very comfortable and welcome during my reading. 🙂 Once agian i want to say thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Hope to see you soon! 😀 Thank you >i< — Kristina James

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for what you do. When I realized how much touch effected me last night and on further reflection on the way home, I realized it was not just the touch it was the ability your touch brought to me to actually FEEL again in my heart. I believe this class you offer is more than the learning to be practitioners … it is a healing of the wounded that you truly offer! I ditto Linda’s statement of feeling in awe and blessed to have had the opportunity to go through these three lessons under your direction and guidance. I look forward to further shared experiences. I wish you continued peace & blessing
— Anonymous

Thank you for driving all the way to Cato this evening. You are truly blessed with a gift from God and I appreciate you sharing it with all of us. Also thank you for making it abundantly clear that I am blessed with my father’s presence everyday especially through my son, which in my heart I knew, but I feel that it was solidified this evening through our meditation. May God continue to bless you with this tremendous gift. I feel that the gift that my father gave me this evening, through you, has freed me. I knew that I felt like a captive by my own mind, but now I feel that I am free. So once again thank you Beth, thank you God, and thank you my dear father Paul. I love you all!
— Heather Fowler

For many years I have sought answers to why my beautiful, loving son could become so angry and violent. We took him to pediatricians, developmental pediatricians, specialist, psychiatrists and psychologists, and homeopaths. Always walking away without answers, but always walking away trying to avoid the medications they wanted to put him on because they “thought” it could be this or that. At one point we finally broke down and allowed them to put my child on ADD medication. His little system could not handle it. He walked around the house looking like a 9 year old drug addict! It was horrifying, to say the least.
Then we conceded to Zoloft, an antidepressant, because the “doctors” figured it was all due to depression. After a year on the Zoloft, we decided all that it was doing was making our son not want to enjoy life at all, so we took him off from it. I then found you, Beth. I believe you were our god send. I started playing the meditation CD that you sent to me, “Donald’s Journey to the Tree,” for my son each night after he had fallen asleep, and we started to see him relax a bit. We then brought him to you for an Inner Light Meditation and Healing session. In the days to follow, we continued to see improvement in his behavior and his enjoyment of life started to return.

We continue to play the CD for him every night and we continue to see the improvements that he is making. Though we have not observed full relief from his undesired behaviors, we are confident that with the continued noninvasive intervention you have offered, he will grow into the mature individual of which he has so much potential to become. Thank you for all that you have done for my child and our family.
— Anonymous

Handwritten testimonial [PDF]
— Racer Lynch

Two years ago I came to see you from Florida. You did a reading with me and it has changed my life. Literally. Everything you mentioned including my children’s future, my happiness… has all come to pass, at the time I was unsure, however, you mentioned things only those who passed would know, so I believed as time passed and life unfolded your messages were clear and right on target. I have long wanted to write you and Thank You, Thank you for giving me the strength to moved on with my life and find happiness again. I would love for you to do another reading over the phone if that is possible.
— Angela Kilbride

I have had the pleasure of knowing Beth for over 20 years. Beth is a wonderful mentor, teacher, and guide for anyone seeking to learn more about themselves, spiritual direction and communication. Her dedication to metaphysics and spiritualism has given me a tremendous amount insight and fortitude throughout my spiritual growth. Beth has a profoundness of wisdom, compassion, and understanding, and has greatly helped me over the years.
— Tricia, Hollywood Florida

The Journey to Light meditation course has opened the door to a grand spiritual landscape filled with love and guidance from spiritual elders and teachers. Even though these spiritual guides have been there for me since my birth, it was a pleasure to meet them and embrace them for the first time. I will always call upon their endless wisdom to direct me toward greater understanding and spiritual evolution. In my meditations, I began to view myself less as a collection of matter and more as an undying pulse of energy making my way through the veils of time and space. I have also come to realize that the existence that I have perceived for so long with only my five senses is just the tip of the iceberg.
— Anonymous

Thank you for sending this CD [Donald’s Journey]. I just listened to it and it was wonderful, very simple and profound, and great for adults as well as kids. I’m sure my unborn babies enjoyed it as much as I did! Have a great day.
— LeeAnn

Wish to thank you so very much for conducting an inner light healing for me yesterday. During my hour drive home, I felt, “comfortabley strange”. It was a feeling, or feelings, that I can’t quite put into words… I just know that it was peaceful. I am still processing all that I learned yesterday, and I know that I will be back, (but of course, you know that too!). Beth, with all sincerity, Thank you so much for all that you did, and all that you do in this world!
— Anonymous

Beth, I don’t know how to thank you for what you have done for me. The reading that my mother bought me for my birthday was the most precious gift I have ever received. I tend to dwell on things, and I had not been able to let go of my grief until I spoke with you. There were two people that I have lost that I was most hoping to hear from. My cousin, Peter and my friend, Tessa. They both died so young. Tessa left behind four children including a two year old. I couldn’t imagine that she could ever be at peace. When I realized that she and Peter were both at peace with themselves, it brought me the sense of peace that I had been searching for. You said that Peter symbolically took my hand and kissed it and Tessa laid her head on my shoulder. I think they too knew that is just what I needed. You have such a wonderful gift and I think it is amazing of you to share it with others. I have shared this experience with Peter’s mom and Tessa’s mom and it brought them some peace as well. I feel sure that you will be hearing from some of the people that I have shared this with. They could actually see in my face that I had connected with my loved ones and that it had truly helped to heal my pain. Thank you again. You are a wonderful and blessed person.
— Dana Mathias

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me last night during the session!! I’ve been red a few times before, but have NEVER experienced what I did with you!! I don’t think I’ve cried like that in a long time. I had no idea this session would so emotional, especially since it’s been 12 1/2 years since my mother’s suicide. You gave me hope, you gave me light, you gave me closure!! You brought through the 3 people I wanted to hear from most and you touched on very specific & special things that meant a lot to me. You have a wonderful give & I thank god for you!! What you do is PRICELESS!! Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart (which is able to “feel” again)!!
— Stacy

I want to thank you again for my session last night. So many of the questions I had were answered and hopefully will give me some peace that I have not had in 16 months. I came to you hoping to hear from one particular person, and I needed to hear one thing. I got both. I felt the connection to the daughter I had lost, and got to know she left this world in peace, not pain. I was so impressed with my session that I could not wait to share it with my mother. I will be calling soon to set up an appointment for her. She, too, is hurting and I think you can help her to start to heal, as I know you have me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you always have peace in your heart.
— Sarah Decker

I can’t explain how comforting our session was! When u said I look a lot lighter, I felt it. I know that I have a long road ahead of me and time, faith and patience are the key to my happiness. Please keep in touch with me thank you.
— Paula

I met with you yesterday and I just wanted to say “Thank You”. You gave me more peace of mind than I’ve had in a long time. I believe what you do is priceless. I shared the tape with my husband and we both just cried buckets. It’s true that you get alot more from the tape the second time around. Thank you again, so much, I wish I could more accurately put into words how you have made me feel. God bless you!

— Anonymous

Thank you very much for my phone session. You made me laugh and cry at the same time. I did receive the tape on Saturday, and since have listened to it again. It was very enlightening, Thank you very much for everything, there were things that no one else could have known, it was great… Thanks millions, May GOD BLESS YOU, for all the comfort you bring to people.
— Rita

Wanted to thank you for the regression last week it was amazing. I have been doing the chamomile packs on my eyes along with the self healing meditation ithat is in the inner light packet. When I told my daughter (the one you said was my son in my past life) about her being kidnapped by the tribe in the middle of the night she was shocked. She reminded me of her reoccuring nightmare when she was a toddler that she was always kidnapped during the night and that is why she would never sleep alone!! She said she still vividly remembers the dream. Unbelievable. She also mentioned that even as a very small toddler we were always amazed that she instinctively knew to lead me around in the dark just like she had always done it. Sounds like past life memories to me.
— Suzanne

I work in a Day Care Center with Toddler’s, ages 18-36 months. I purchased the book and CD “Donald’s Journey To The Tree” to use in my classroom. I wasn’t sure how the children would respond, but after playing the CD and reading the book, the children seemed to be in a more relaxed, calming stage. Toddler’s are very active and always on the move learning and exploring. At different times I like to be able to bring them together and that’s what “Donald’s Journey” help me do. We also play it at naptime which I find relaxes the children. The book has great illustrations for the children to visulize and follow the story. I highly recommend the book.
— Kathleen Craig