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Experience a Journey
into Your Light…

Just create your sacred space. Try being out in nature today if possible. If you cannot physically be outside, take a moment to create an outdoor scene in which you will meditate in. Allow your inner child to be a part of it. Use your imagination! If you can imagine it is real! Allow your breath to be natural. Bring awareness into your heart light.

  • See, feel, or know that there is a beautiful pink rosebud.
  • Tune into the petals, the color, the fragrance, the velvety softness. Breathe…
  • Allow the petals to open slowly, as you breathe.
  • Allow the color and energy to fi ll your heart as you breathe. Let it fill your being.
  • Once the petals have opened, allow for a few more breaths.
  • Inhale “Divine” and exhale “Love” for a few breaths. Close your eyes, breathe…
  • Your awareness will now go deep into the center of the rose. Breathe; go deeper.
  • Imagine you are now standing, facing into the rose, and moving into the center.
  • You are moving away from Self.
  • Faith will allow you see, feel, or know you are on a path that is leading to an entrance of a cave. Breathe as you get closer. Be aware of the feelings you have as you come close to cave.
  • Enter the cave slowly, tune into how you feel, your emotions. Just be aware.
  • Be aware of what you see, feel, or know.
  • Explore for a few breaths, taking your time as you go through the cave. Be aware of any colors, texture of cave or knowings that come to conscious mind as you explore.
  • Find a place to sit, legs crossed, and palms up.
  • You will now begin chanting, silently or aloud.
  • Inhale Silence; exhale “Yam…”
  • Release from the concept of time; just “be” for now with your chant.
  • Connect to the echo of the chant resonating through the cave. You are One with the vibration of the chant. You are One with the energy of the chant.
  • Feel when it is done, and sit in silence for a few moments. Take a few moments to close your eyes… You are transforming lower vibration to higher.
  • You are healing all matters of the heart, letting go.
  • As you open your eyes a path of rose petals are leading you out of the cave. Pick them up as you go.
  • Be aware of how you feel as you exit the cave.
  • Smile, and know you can return at any time to heal. Your cave is a sacred site, a quiet place for you to go to. As you leave, there is a white robe outside the cave.
  • Release yourself of what you have on, and wrap yourself in the robe.
  • Continue to follow the path.
  • You come to a waterfall; sit down at the edge of the water, and place the rose petals in the water.
  • The waterfall is breathtaking; the mist from the water touches you….
  • Watch the petals drift away from the shore, and from you.
  • Breathe… Allow… Smile…
  • A hand is placed gently on your shoulder.
  • The feeling that you are never alone is with you.
  • Take a few breaths, release from time, smile…Hold the feeling you are having. You are One with the water, your breath and the peace it offers.
  • When you feel it is time allow your senses to adjust. Breathe…
  • Open your eyes when ready. Journal.

Remember begin with your feelings.

Peace and love.
Beth Lynch