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✨ Salt Room Meditation & Messages
Located at Salt of the Earth
Experience a relaxing evening with Beth Lynch, as she guides us thru meditation, inspiration & messages in the healing energy of the salt room. Limited to 8 participants.
Location: 422 SW Akron Ave, Stuart 34994
Call to reserve your space: (772) 266-9961

AUGUST 1st @ 7pm EST
Join me for an inspirational evening of Spirits messages & love, in comfort & privacy of your home.
Connection to loved ones crossed is sacred, personal & natural.
THANK YOU always for your trust & support. Family sitting together only ONE needs to register.
Click here to register

Spark of Divine, LLC
1789 Old Dixie Hwy
Vero Beach, Fl
Every 1st & 3rd Wed 11-4
2nd Friday 11am-3pm
(Morning or later available on request)

✨ Free Virtual Inner Light Sanctuary Meditation & Healing
Accept the gift of Inner Light Healing for your self, community & world peace.

Free Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 840 4367 3167
Passcode: 923460
*Beth will guide you into a quiet, relaxing space, connecting you to your inner light. SIT BACK & RELAX. CAMERAS DO NOT NEED TO BE ON!
You will relax in comfort & privacy of home.
In this space, you are attuned to the highest frequencies, relax, and are giving the heart, mind, and body space to heal.
In meditation, we raise our vibration, slow the mind, and strengthen the immune and nervous system. Helping reduce and even eliminate anxiety and many mental and emotional stressors.
Beth will share inspiration and messages she receives during the healing meditation.
Feel free to share this gift of healing to family & friends.

825 NE Ocean Blvd,
Readings-Meditation-IL Healing
Private & group
Please contact Beth directly 888.271.4487 or

“I have now done two sessions with Beth and she has changed my life in so many ways. My conversations with her ease anxiety and worries I have had about life and what happens to us after we die. After I speak with her I feel as though I just spoke with my grandfather who passed as she is so spot on. I keep her advice and her words in my head and still try my best to put into practice different things she has told me throughout the years. Any session with Beth is such a good investment for the soul.”
Thanks Beth! – Cameron

Angel Orbs“Yesterday, I had a reading with Beth Lynch.
In the days before the reading, I “set the table” by jotting down questions I had for my daughter and other family members who have passed. I then mentally invited everyone who was interested on the other side to the “party”.

My daughter was the first to come through ♥️ and she gave so many incredible validations. She mentioned the shoes that I had just purchased for her youngest daughter, the fantastic report card her oldest daughter received and the quilts a friend had made out of her clothing for her girls among so many other things.

When she first came through she showed wings and Beth asked if I had any connection with feathers. I struggled to find the connection, so we put the topic aside and moved on. Much later in the reading, I showed Beth a photo taken of me shortly after Jess’s passing with some orbs showing in it. Beth immediately said “the wings!!!”. I’ve attached the photo here; clearly this was the reference I’d missed earlier.

My Dad & Mom also came through. My Dad always comes through with Jess in readings but connecting with my Mom was extra-special. As an adult, I had a somewhat unfulfilling relationship with my Mom – always wanting that mother/daughter closeness but never able to achieve it. The first thing my Mom mentioned was knitting and crocheting (which I’ve done ever since I was 10 years old). She sent me some very healing messages, which I am so, so grateful for.

I wanted to thank Helping Parents Heal so much for the wonderful connections you make possible for all of us and Beth for all her amazing talent and beautiful energy.”

Lovingly, Melody Funk

Stay Tuned!

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of “Life, Death & In-Between” in August. The book will also be available in Ebook format. It remains accessible on Audible. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Welcome to Inner Light Teaching

Beth Lynch of Inner Light Teaching

Beth understands the importance of balancing life with a spiritual practice, motherhood and career. Through channeling and teaching, she is committed to helping others deal with grief and convey the wisdom of the spirit world.

Beth is a graduate of Delphi University and has been practicing meditation over 28 years. She has been featured on numerous radio shows nationwide. Beth founded Inner Light Teaching in 1998. She volunteers in her community teaching meditation and sharing the wisdom she has learned through her own experiences.

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Self Paced Learning  or One on One Correspondence 

Expressing self-love, positive intention, and commitment is what is needed for a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the Self and others. Each lesson on your journey will be a meditation to be read. This is called conscious meditation. It trains you to be in higher states of awareness while awake. Opening you to deeper insight, confidence, and trust of your intuitive nature. The symbolism of light is your connection to your heart chakra. The most powerful source of light energy “within “us. You stop searching outside the self, trusting intuition. This will be connecting and healing past suppressed emotions, expanding your perspectives, and opening the mind, heart, body and Spirit connection.


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Beth Lynch is a beacon of light in a world that needs spiritual growth. I had the opportunity to have a session with Beth a few months ago. With love and empathy, she used her intuitive gifts to connect with my son Zach in spirit. Through her connection with Divine intelligence, she delivered messages of healing from my son, channeling his personality and love for his family. She accurately identified a prior injury as well as his struggle with anxiety and substance use that started with prescription pain medication. She helped me understand the frequency he was stuck in and although he was looking for relief, it was a surprise, an accident that he died of fentanyl poisoning. Our son communicated to her about the special tree that my husband inherited from him and touches daily. Zach relayed he is watching over someone playing guitar (his brother) and he knows about a trip to Iceland (his other brother is going this month). Zach directed her to my husband’s wrist watch which is now surrounded by two special bracelets; one with all our sons’ names and one with Zach’s handwriting and thumbprint. Beth also picked up on golfing; we had an upcoming memorial golfing event at a Drive Shake. It was reassuring to hear that a grandfather presence (my father) was with Zach when he crossed over.

I felt strongly that Beth connected with me and my feelings, so I recently scheduled an energy healing session with her to help with my grief. Her passion to help others really came through as she guided me in meditation and healing. She assured me my son is close to me and doesn’t want me to feel guilty. Through Beth, my son communicated, Fritos and Scotch tape. I had just bought Fritos for the first time in years for my husband, and I was using Scotch tape daily to get the dog hair off my clothes. Lol. Sadly, we lost our little old dog Bandit a few days after this session. I know he is in Heaven with Zach. Beth also relayed Zach is proud of me for my advocacy and that what happened wasn’t my fault. I so wish my son had had the opportunity to learn alternative healing techniques with Beth before his untimely passing. Beth also shared meditations to help me continue on a healing journey.

Thank you Helping Parents Heal for directing me to Beth! And thank you Beth for your kindness and for sharing your special gifts.

MaryBeth, Zachs mom 
After a session, a mother shared this picture with me, of her son in spirit. It was in our Zoom session he showed me kissing her on the cheek, and told her he was. She wanted it shared to help others understand how the communication helped her “feel” his spirit. She had this picture in front of her.

I Am humbled & grateful to bring light and strength to those in grief.


“Five minutes into her reading Beth was describing the son I had lost; his physical appearance, his personality, his memories. She knew nothing about my family or the circumstances that brought me to her. And yet, here he was, big as life. Through Beth, I learned that he continues to live, and in a very real way is always close to me. It is the most wonderful gift I’ve ever gotten. Beth and my son taught me how to live again.”