Intuitive Tarot Workshop

The Intuitive Tarot workshop is very powerful yet allows you to experience the cards’ energy simply and naturally. The experience delivers a meditative journey into your healing and enlightenment, opening you to unseen future possibilities for your life. This workshop will bring forth wisdom for yourself or to be shared with others. The messages are always filled with love and the light of Spirit. 

A fun & enlightening way to align to the tarot personally and professionally. Learn to use tarot for meditation, guidance and wisdom. 

$244 includes Manual, Connolly Tarot Deck, Recorded Class & Tarot Advisor Certification

Schedule your private or group class at your convenience.  

Upcoming Group Dates: 06-11-24
Zen Medicine
520 SW Dixie Hwy.
6pm – 9pm

Beth Lynch 888.271.4487