Welcome to Journey to Light,
“Meditation For The Soul”  

Your self-discipline, personal awareness and confidence in your intuition will excel and be seen in all areas of your life.

Expressing self-love, positive intention and commitment is what is needed for a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the Self and others. Each lesson on your journey will be a meditation to be read. This is called conscious meditation. It trains you to be in higher states of awareness while awake. Opening you to deeper insight, confidence and trust of your intuitive nature. The symbolism of light is your connection to your heart chakra. The most powerful source of light energy “within “us. You stop searching outside the self, trusting intuition. This will be connecting and healing past suppressed emotions, expanding your perspectives and opening the mind, heart, body and Spirit connection.

There are two ways to experience the journey 

Self Pace Learning

For those who prefer to go through the journey on their own. Once you register you receive the lessons and you can begin. I suggest not look ahead at the lessons, begin with lesson one and complete the journeys in order. This is a journey of ascension and opening intuitive abilities. Each lesson prepares you for the next. After you complete the journeys you can continue to use the book in any order in your meditation practice.

One on One Correspondence

The other option is as a meditation correspondence course. I will work one on one with you as you go through the journey. It is a six-week commitment via email. You complete your five days in each lesson, send to me in word document. I go into meditation and receive intuitively more insight and guidance. Similar to receiving six readings. It shows you the depth you are receiving and frees you from self doubt.

We will have a brief call to go over how it works and answer any questions. Once you begin I will expect your lessons within 7 days. Each lesson has 5 days, daily practice is approximately 20min. Immediately at the end of your practice you journal, complete the 5 days and send to me. Mark as Lesson 1/ Day 1, 2  and so forth.


Receive “Get a free “Discovering the Divine In You Audio” when you embark on this journey. Plus, enjoy six extra meditations, mantras, chanting, and relaxation techniques.


As a bonus, when you buy the JTL Course, you’ll get a helpful video guide to maximize the benefits of the journeys. After completing the journeys, you’ll also get a free fifteen-minute call to answer your questions and support your ongoing journey of self-love and awareness in your daily life, as well as your long-term goals and dreams! 

Simply email to receive your video and start your journey!


Remember meditation is practice; remember to be kind to your Self in some of the distractions that may arise. Simple noises, inability to focus and interruptions are most likely going to be a part of it. When we learn how to embrace distraction in meditation, we embrace the distractions of life.

We discover a level of compassion for ourselves we did not know we had. This in turn flows into all our relationships freeing them to heal and be understood in a whole new light.

Meditation is a very personal experience, and it will stretch you in so many ways. It opens your communication with your Higher Self, God, Divine Intelligence, Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones crossed. They are always there for us and their unconditional love is always with you. They never let us down and I know if you stay committed to your meditations you will feel them in a way words cannot explain.

You will learn the symbolic language of the messages and how to recognize and trust your intuition deepening your relationship with God, the Universe, Higher Intelligence. Our intuitive nature is a survival mechanism as well as a connection to a Divine Love and power no one gives us. It is our spiritual inheritance. We must accept, respect, and connect to it every day.

I have found meditation is where the traditional and the metaphysical beliefs and perceptions become One. We blur the lines or boundaries and venture into the freedom of expression, healing, and creation.

Are you ready to take your journey?
Peace and love.


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