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Seeing Spirit

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Seeing spirits, loved ones crossed, and even pets who have crossed is more common than ever before. It is getting more common for children and teens. It can make them confused, afraid or even anxious in the presence of spirit when you do not understand this natural experience, and often it is a blessing.


The veils are very thin and by that I mean the communication with the spirit world is more common, it is natural, and happening to you even at this very moment. They love to show us they are with us.

Many have looked at mediums as the ones who could do that “stuff”, you or someone you know are having experiences at this very moment.


They are near you because they love you or are continuing to learn through you. At times they want to be a messenger for guidance and even presence.


Some have told me they have seen a family or friend at night and in the morning wake to hear they passed away. This is not uncommon or unnatural. I had that very experience when my mother passed. It is their way of saying goodbye as they leave the physical. They are doing it to prepare and help you. Also as they leave the physical world they are in a way saying goodbye and the transition to them can feel natural and their energy is traveling to those they love as they pass through dimensions.


This has been happening since the beginning of time, it is a natural experience and there is nothing to be afraid of. In these situations, it is usually someone you love who has crossed. They do not mean to frighten you. Actually, you can ask them to please allow you to have your privacy, to back up because you are overwhelmed, or you can say “is there a message”? They hear you. If it is a loved one you recognize, breathe slowly and allow the visitation, they most likely are giving you this because you have missed or asked them to!


As a child, the Our Father was a prayer I repeated when I saw them because it brought me peace. It actually raises the vibration around you so if it is not a loved one or a spirit you feel comfortable with the energy will bless you and make you feel protected and even move them away. A prayer or mantra is good to have the second you feel or are woken from the dream state.


If your child, teen or you are feeling fearful or uncomfortable speak to them firmly and state that you are not comfortable and to go to the Light. If they are confused spirit your actually helping them. Another way to raise the frequency around you, a room or home is to place a cross, or sacred statue, with crystals in it. Knowing your intentions as you do or burning sage or incense can be helpful as well. But the state of mind really is what will maintain the frequency they resonate in comfortably, or not.


There are times you can be connecting to the vibration of a spirit who connects more to the land or home or place you are in. Again being firm without fear is the best way to communicate with them. If it were a lower spirit connecting to you because you or they are still in fear, angst, or depression, because of their human experiences, then you must be firm. It is important to function as a human being and to understand the power of your relationship with your own spirit. When your Spirit is the higher frequency a lower frequency spirit cannot resonate around you.


Meditation and high-frequency music can be played to connect to your spirit, and honestly, you will feel more comfortable with the spirit world’s presence around you.


I truly respect your fear, when I was as a child and most of my young adult life, I experienced this fear because I did not understand. Tell your little ones, teens, it is natural, and it is a way we can heal and grieve, understanding they are still with us and our guardians in their spirit form.


I hope this brings peace and helps you understand more about these experiences that are getting more common and will continue to.


Please send any questions you may have. Thank you so much for your trust in such sensitive matters.

In Peace.



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