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Beth understands the importance of balancing life with a spiritual practice, motherhood and career. Through channeling and teaching, she is committed to helping others deal with grief and convey the wisdom of the spirit world.

Beth is a graduate of Delphi University and has been practicing meditation over 20 years. She has been featured on numerous radio shows nationwide. Beth founded Inner Light Teaching in 1998. She volunteers in her community teaching meditation and sharing the wisdom she has learned through her own experiences.

Channeling / Reading

Communication with loved ones who have crossed over is a natural and sacred experience. This session allows for a personal connection to your loved ones that will help you as you grieve, opening you to the signs and love they continue to share with you from their Spirit. Sessions can be held privately, with family or groups.

Private $160 / 2 Participants $190 / 3 or more $75 per person.

Inner Light Healing

Beth creates a safe and comforting space with a guided meditation, hands-on healing and intuitive interpretation of the healing session. This experience strengthens immune and nervous systems, connects one to their intuition and highest frequency of love. A personalized interpretation & meditations given to continue at home.

A powerful alignment of mind, heart, body, thru Spirit. $175

Mindful Mindset – Set Intention & Make Dreams Come True

  • What is your mind full of?
  • Mindful Mindset – Mindful Relationships – Mindful Money
  • Stop thoughts that drain you
  • Learn simple ways to fill your mind with positive vs. negative thoughts
  • Fulfill your heart’s desire
  • Have fun filling your mind with what will make you fulfilled!
Course can be customized for your needs and goals. Beginning at $144. 
Contact Beth for your complimentary consultation.


Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Session

A deep relaxation, guided meditation, and intuitive interpretation with a personalized program. Learn how to use the breath, visualization to relax, assist with mental and emotional wellness. Recommended for 12-years and older. Meditations are given to continue practice at home. Great for families & the workplace. Time & fee is determined if private or size of group.

Private session $175/60-90 minutes $95/30 minutes.

Spirit Speaks/Gallery

This service is for a group of 10 or more wanting to experience spirit communication and intuitive guidance personally in a group setting.

Depending on the distance Beth will travel for groups of 10 or more. Remote (Zoom video is always available. This experience can be adjusted to fit your group’s needs. Channeling, intuitive insight, stress management, and meditation.

Please email to see what will fit your group’s needs. Individual or flat rates optional. The fee is to be determined based on travel, group size, etc.

Watch for upcoming group Spirit Speaks at the Elliot Museum and other venues!

Mindfulness Workshop

Recommended for those wanting to incorporate mindfulness into their daily life, personally or professionally. Learn simple and natural ways to reduce stress and connect to your intuition to create balance mentally, emotionally, and physically. Remote sessions via Zoom or Skype are available. Individual or flat rates. The fee to be determined based on travel, group size, etc.

Inner Light Awareness & Practitioner Program

The Inner Light Awareness course is about understanding and strengthening the mind, heart, body and Spirit connection. Whether your intention is to have a deeper understanding of your own life, awaken your intuitive gifts or to create a future for yourself in alternative energy therapy, becoming an Inner Light Practitioner will give you the foundation you need. The Inner Light Awareness course will shine many facets into the perception and healing energy you are here to experience and express. Upon completion, you receive certification as an Inner Light Practitioner, Inner Light Course Manual & audio of class meditations. Experience it as a day retreat privately or with small group. Meditation, chakra balancing, hands on healing and more.

Scheduled by appointment. Private and group rates. 888.271.4487 or email

Journey to Light Correspondence Course

Your self-discipline, personal awareness and confidence in your intuition will excel and be felt in all areas of your life. Learn how to meditate and trust the intuitive nature, understand the connection of mind, body and Spirit and how it helps us create, heal and live in our natural, most power nature.

Expressing self-love, positive intention and commitment is what is needed for mental and emotional wellness. Everyone deserves a healthy and fulfilling relationship with self. Your journey will be healing for the mind, heart, body and soul.

Learn to trust your intuitive voice, open to your guides, angels and know your loved ones crossed will be with you on this very personal journey of enlightenment.

There are two ways to experience the journey. In workbook format for those of you who prefer to go through the journey on your own or as a correspondence course with Beth. If you register for the course the book is included and a complimentary audio version at completion of course. All levels of meditators or first-time meditators will benefit from the journeys.

If you wish to purchase JTL book it is available on Amazon, Balboa Press. In Audio, Kindle or book format. Correspondence Course $444.  All forms of payment accepted.


Weddings and Vow Renewals

As an ordained minister and notary she brings a sacred touch to the ceremony as well as legal.
She has vows available or incorporate with your own.
Wine, sand ceremonies, honoring of loved ones passed, and special touches always welcome.
Contact Beth for any questions about your special day. 888.271.4487 or email

Inner Light Gift Certificates

Give the gift from the heart…

Current Events Listing

6 PM – 8 PM
Elliott Museum
825 NE Ocean Blvd


Helping Parents Heal Gallery June 15

Jodie’s son Koby with Amy Winehouse, Beth Lynch

I have been feeling pretty down the last few days. Today on a walk I had a conversation with my son Koby and told him how much I was missing him and that I would appreciate one of his famous “knock my socks off” signs. He delivered tonight in my reading with Beth Lynch. I have been attending HPH Zoom medium sessions for about 2 1/2 years and find them healing, but since Koby has never come through I had convinced myself that he was “too cool” to communicate with me in front of an unknown audience. Near the start of the session, Beth referred to someone known as Kody or Kodeman, someone who played in a 3 person band and she referenced a graduation. Koby aka Kobeman was in his 3 person band that had a lot of local notoriety from the age of 12 to 18 and his band played at their grade 7 graduation. In fact they played an original song and we used a lyric from that song as part of the epitaph on his gravestone….but it didn’t stop there.  Please continue reading about Koby, Amy and Beth by clicking here.  Please listen to the song Anton wrote for Koby by clicking here

~Jodie W, Koby’s mom
Please listen to the YouTube video from June 15th by clicking here.  

Events at Inner Light Teaching

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Beth Lynch is an amazing woman… If anyone wants to channel their loved ones, trust me, you won’t be disappointed… Tonight was a night I won’t forget anytime too soon… Thank you, Beth.

— M.B.

Beth Lynch Medium. There are not enough thank you’s in the universe. You have such an amazing gift. You always send me away with a healing feeling and tonight you gave that feeling to our son. His Daddy is by his side and will never leave mine. Thank you to all of our Heavenly Angel’s for sending validations.

— D.N. 

THE DISCOVER THE DIVINE IN YOU CD saved me today…it was a very busy and emotional day with the changes I am making thanks to feeling connected to my Spirit and truth of my life. My daughter had a total emotional breakdown and I had to leave work early. I threw Discover the Divine CD into in the car, listened to the whole thing and I swear it cleared the way!

When I walked in the door my daughter was a hot mess, she was screaming bloody murder, wouldn’t listen or let me near her…SO tried Donalds Journey CD for the 1st time. She instantly stopped, was entranced and turned into a happy kid. I was like, holy —-! For the heck of it, I played it in the background at bed time. She was out like a light in no time. Both of us were in great spirits by then. Thank you!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!

— E