Inner Light

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Discovering The Divine In You

Not only is it possible to heal yourself; it happens every day to ordinary people like you. Healing is the birthright of every individual; it does not discriminate. You don t even have to believe it is possible for healing to occur; although, your belief in your ability to heal along with your mindset and a good dose of self-love greatly assist the healing process.

There are many people who suffer loss, illness, and trauma, and this greatly affects the way they show up in their lives, their overall well-being, and level of happiness, contentment, or success. Many of them live for years without resolution or healing before becoming aware and tapping into the incredible, inherent wisdom of their bodies and spirit. The beauty of discovering this natural resource of inner healing is that it is always available, to everyone with no exceptions.


I have been teaching meditation to all ages for over 20 years and often hear, “I try, I can’t, I don’t have time.” I remember when I said all of the above. When I tried and couldn’t stop my thoughts. We are thinking, feeling beings, and will not stop thinking. Meditation is the awareness of thought and discipline of emotion. A simple commitment for a few minutes a day and at bedtime is all you need to get started on a powerful and natural journey of love and healing.

My passion is to help others discover the power of the Divine being “in” as opposed to outside of themselves.  We have separated from the simplicity of who we are. We have allowed the journey to be a desperate search for love, happiness, and wealth.

Discovering the Divine In You is a guide to meditations that will help reveal your natural self – divinity in all its forms and potential. This book is dedicated to those in search of higher understanding of “who” they are.  Great for beginners and for those seeking to expand their horizons.  Available as a book, audiobook, or set.

This collection will give you meditations to open the door or add to your practice of daily devotion. It is intended for all ages.  There is a Silent Circle specifically designed for children and teens however it is really powerful for all ages.  It will fuel the conditions and how we attract or do not attract happiness, health, and wealth.

* Release stress from your body and mind
* Heighten your intuition
* Feel calmer – experience emotional balance
* Increase your immunity