Inner Light

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The Tree Meditations for Families

Not only is it possible to heal yourself; it happens every day to ordinary people like you. Healing is the birthright of every individual; it does not discriminate. You don t even have to believe it is possible for healing to occur; although, your belief in your ability to heal along with your mindset and a good dose of self-love greatly assist the healing process.

There are many people who suffer loss, illness, and trauma, and this greatly affects the way they show up in their lives, their overall well-being, and level of happiness, contentment, or success. Many of them live for years without resolution or healing before becoming aware and tapping into the incredible, inherent wisdom of their bodies and spirit. The beauty of discovering this natural resource of inner healing is that it is always available, to everyone with no exceptions.


Do you ever wonder why nature is relaxing, peaceful and enjoyed by all?  We can feel the power and the peace of a tree by just gazing, sitting by or even driving by. The Tree Meditations is for individuals and families to connect as they journey into the energy of the tree.

This meditation is designed to help adults and children with:

*Self confidence