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Meditation versus Medication – The Effect of Pharmaceuticals on Mind, Body, and Spirit – Ebook


The Effect of Pharmaceuticals on Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit – Ebook download in a pdf format.  Please note if you want to read this on your phone or tablet, you will need to download Acrobat Reader. 

How can we believe this many are born into mental illness? Why is addiction out of control? What are we searching for? Why are so many people going into a psychotic rage, killing their own loved ones?Children?Is there a Spiritual solution?My way of helping may not always be understood, my way once frightened me, for many nights and years. Prayer and belief in God always got me through. In my own pain, loss and healing, the sensitivity became a light. The Light… The message was clear that I would help others in this way, communicating thoughts of love and understanding to people living from those crossed over.In my private practice in the last16 years it became clear many young people were passing because of overdoses and suicide. In the media, addiction, mental illness and apparent and unexplainable suicides were “the reason” for crimes, and on the increasing communities at an alarming rate. School shootings, group gatherings, soldiers and families torn apart because of murder by a spouse or even a child are in the news daily.This has not gone away, and in fact it has become a part of daily media reporting. In my twenty-five years as a Spiritual teacher, counselor and medium, helping families heal in their grief, and understand the spiritual perspective and because of my own personal experience, I have become a voice for many who can no longer speak in physical.